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statuscode Issue 9
August 30, 2012
Wondering why Status Code is a day late? To fit in with my curation work on Ruby Weekly, I've moved Status Code to publish on Thursdays from here on :-) - Peter.
The New Java Zero Day Vulnerability Examined A significant security vulnerability has come to the fore in Java 7 this week. H Online reports on an early analysis of an exploit.
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The Technology Behind the Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo [PDF] Some gorgeous slides that give an overview of the technologies and rendering techniques being put to action in the latest, high-end 3D graphics engine.
Damn Cool Algorithms: Homomorphic Hashing
Why Is 'Clean Code' Suggesting Avoiding Protected Variables? A programmer wonders why Uncle Bob Martin suggests avoiding protected variables. The responses dig into some of the issues involved.
Some Interesting CS and Engineering Papers to Read At Stripe, the payment processing company, engineers frequently get together to discuss academic CS and software engineering papers. This page links to those they've read.
20 Controversial Programming Opinions I almost feel dirty for posting this but it's been doing the rounds as a bit of light entertainment for developers ;-)
John Carmack discusses the art and science of software engineering
Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer A book by programming language and functional programming geek Brian Marick that takes a look at functional programming concepts in Clojure and relates them to the object oriented concepts you already know and love. Recommended by 'Uncle Bob' Martin.
Compiler Design: Theory, Tools, and Examples [PDF]
Is Short answer is no, but some of the answers provide interesting analysis and historical context.
MongoDB 2.2
OpenSSH 6.1
Version Control with Git
WebGL: Up and Running
PostgreSQL 9.2 RC1 Available for Testing
Explore It! Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing
Introducing ASC 2.0: The New ActionScript Compiler
watching and listening
A Taste of Prolog In 30 minutes, Aja goes over the basics of Prolog and demonstrates some interesting things you can do with logic programming.
Erlang, the Language from the Future? The benefits and drawbacks of using Erlang, why this language is from the future and why Couchbase has migrated some of the CouchDB’s initial Erlang code to C/C++.
Scaling Deep Learning at Google A talk about some of Google's work in solving difficult AI problems with 'large scale brain simulations.'
Fun Programming: Videos for Learning Creative Programming 100+ entry level videos for learning Processing, the visual arts oriented language.
Deconstructing the Database
Object-Oriented Data Analysis
The Science of Hiring Developers: Recruiting for Raw Talent
quick links
Tabasco Sort: A Super-optimal Merge Sort
Foundations of Databases Over 10 years old but now freely available in PDF.
Avoiding Java Classpath Hell Patrick digs into two things worth knowing to resolve most Java class loading issues.
'The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got' with Andrei Alexandrescu From the author of 'The D Programming Language'
HTML5 2D Game Development: Introducing 'Snail Bait'
Busted: Elegant Lua Unit Testing
12 Interesting C Interview Questions and Answers
Learnng C with GDB
TeleHash / JSON + UDP + DHT = Freedom
Efficient Subgraph Matching on Billion Node Graphs
How TeX Finally Made It to The iOS App Store - Running On DOS, Inside An Emulator
"Programmers don't burn out on hard work, they burn out on change-with-the-wind directives and not 'shipping'."
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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