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VS2012 and .NET 4.5, Unity3D headed to W8, The Birth of LISP summarized Read this issue on the Web
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August 22, 2012
Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5 Released Some pretty good steps forward with Windows 8 development and styling being a focus.
Stack Exchange Machine Learning Contest Think you can build a tool to detect which Stack Overflow questions would be moderated as 'dead'? Big prizes await.
Typesafe gets $14M to push Scala language as a better Java than Java
Unity3D Graphics Engine Coming to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 The popular cross platform 'develop once, publish anywhere' game engine toolkit will soon be supporting the latest Windows platforms.
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The Birth of LISP An easy to read summary of John McCarthy's original 'Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine' paper.
Monads in Pictures It wouldn't be another week on the Internet without another explanation of monads! This one takes a more visual approach than most.
Tales Of A First Time Driver Developer Not the easiest read, but some interesting insights when a developer added 2D acceleration features to an old Linux video card driver.
NaNs Just Don't Get No Respect Walter Bright calls NaNs (the Not A Number value) the 'Rodney Dangerfields of numerical work' and explains how they can be useful for explicit handling of bad data.
A Generation Lost in the Bazaar
watching and listening
3 C++ Greats Discussing C++ Topics at 'C++ And Beyond' Andrei Alexandrescu, Scott Meyers, and Herb Sutter took some time during the C++ conference to answer audience questions on C++, covering topics from the state of C++11 in 2012 to modern library development and template metaprogramming.
CPU Caches Allen looks at what CPU caches are, how they work and how to measure your JVM-based application data usage to utilize them for maximum efficiency. He also considers the future of the CPU cache in a memristor-based, many-core world.
An Introduction to WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) Several Google developers got together to talk about WebRTC, an API being worked upon by the W3C and browser manufacturers to bring real time video, audio, and other streaming functionality into Web browsers.
Oregon Programming Languages Summer School Numerous 80 minute lectures presented by internationally recognized leaders in programming languages and formal reasoning research.
Apache httpd 2.4.3
GDB 7.5
Light Table (experimental, reactive IDE) Reaches 0.1.0
Essential C A 45 page summary of the C language in PDF format. Aimed at those with 'some programming background who need to see how C works.' Dates from 2003.
Architexa (Java documentation tool) goes free for individuals Eclipse-based tool for comprehending and documenting large Java code bases.
4bit: A Terminal Color Scheme Designer Handy, Web based color scheme tool. Targeted at terminal apps that use the .Xresources file (such as xterm).
lighter bites
Parallel Programming for C and C++ Done Right A content-heavy slide deck by Intel's James Reinders.
'The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got' with Rob Pike
How To Read Code
Ghosts in the ROM Some deep diving into old Apple Mac SE ROM images results in a mysterious photo.
OpenJDK 8 Schedule OpenJDK plans general availability of the Java SE 8 platform in September 2013.
Why Lisp Did Not And Never Will Gain Enough Traction
Why JSON Will Continue to Push XML Out Of The Picture
Beyond Test Driven Development
"Programmers don't burn out on hard work, they burn out on change-with-the-wind directives and not 'shipping'."
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