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statuscode Issue 7
August 15, 2012
A 5 month hiatus - sorry about that! With my other newsletters and O'Reilly Fluent, I ran out of time. I've been rebuilding StatusCode behind the scenes and plan to 'relaunch' it properly in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. For now, though, a normal issue :-) - Peter.
top items
Cool Code An amazingly entertaining keynote by Kevlin Henney (author of '97 Things Every Programmer Should Know') walking through lots of interesting projects and code samples to see what wisdom we can extract from 'cool code.' The 50 minutes passes quickly.
Lang.NEXT 2012 Conference Videos Lang.NEXT 2012 was a conference for programming language designers and implementers and Microsoft has shared the talks online. Lots of fascinating PL stuff here.
New Programming Jargon Jeff Atwood picks out some of his favorite new bits of programming jargon, including Yoda conditions, Egyptian brackets, and Smurf Naming Conventions.
Divide a number by 3 without using the *, /, +, -, or % operators A variety of cunning answers, some clever, some mindbending, and some just downright rotten.
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27 Interesting Floating-point Complexities Valve's Bruce Dawson rounds up 27 interesting quirky facts about floating point numbers and math.
Read the Masters A collection of seminal documents in the history of computer science to read.
Out of Order Execution and Memory Models Sasha Goldshtein explains how instructions being executed out of order could rain on your parade.
Fast Face Recognition [PDF] A high level paper explaining techniques for fast and accurate face recognition in images.
Engineering a Sort Function [PDF] An easily digested 1993 paper that recounts the history of building a new Quicksort implementation function in C.
A Distributed Systems Reading List
The Gang Of Four Is Wrong and You Don't Understand Delegation If the Hacker News discussion is anything to go by, this is a contentious but interesting post by Jim Gay about delegation and how the Gang of Four didn't get the definition quite right.
A Golden Oldie: Implementing Object Orientation in C [PDF]
watching and listening
Functional composition: Making music with Clojure You don't need to be into Clojure to enjoy this. Chris Ford takes us from the basic sine wave through to playing a Bach canon in code. Fascinating stuff.
An Bug: Digging into nasty low level bugs in Ubuntu Joe Damato digs into some nasty driver, linker and kernel bugs in Ubuntu 10.04 and shows how to debug them.
Five Things You Didn't Know About PostgreSQL A 50 minute talk by Rob Conery.
Rich Hickey: The Value of Values Rich Hickey compares value-oriented programming with place-oriented programming concluding that the time of imperative languages has passed and it is the time of functional programming
Is the future of programming functional? Along similar lines, Rob Harrop (co-founder of SpringSource) explains why it's likely that functional programming will be the predominant paradigm in the near future.
Automated Testing and Inversion of Control in 9 Minutes If you already test religiously, avoid, but otherwise, enjoy this light hearted 9 minute explanation of the value and practice of unit testing.
The Best Approach to Software Development Sandro Mancuso waxes lyrical on the never ending stream of software development methodologies.
Mathematics for Computer Science [PDF] A full 800 page book as used at MIT. Updated frequently.
JPL Institutional Coding Standard for the C Programming Language [PDF]
Saylor's Computer Science 'Course' An interesting attempt at grouping together online resources and articles into a computer science curriculum of sorts. Lots of links to interesting things to read.
Programming Computer Vision with Python An O'Reilly book whose final pre-production draft PDF is available to download free here.
Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer Uses Haskell throughout.
Rootbeer GPU Compiler: Compile Java Code for the GPU
Aurinko: Networked Document Database Engine in Clojure
jsmn: The Most Simple JSON Parser in C for Small Systems
TextMate 2.0 Released as Open Source (GPLv3)
lighter bites
How is 'Syntax error! exit 0;' a syntactically valid Perl program? Perl throws up more surprises.
Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know
A Proposal for Simplified, Modern Definitions of 'Object' and 'Object Oriented'
Does category theory make you a better programmer?
Hands on with a (very lightweight) 144 core processor You code it with Forth!
Multi-Armed Bandit, A Primer "Multi-armed bandit is easily the coolest-sounding problem in probability theory."
ANI: A Language Faster than C, Safer than Java, Simpler than *sh An experimental, high-performance, implicitly parallel, deadlock-free programming language unlike any other; it does away with state, variables, commands, stacks, and memory itself, as we know it.
On-The-Fly C++ with Cling, a C++ REPL How to install and use cling, a C++ interactive interpreter.
Is the Liskov Substitution Principle Incompatible with Introspection or Duck Typing?
last but not least..
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