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March 7, 2012
Sorry I'm a few hours late today.. I ran out of time. It's a long one today as a lot happened this week and I'm still honing Status Code's direction. If you want to share some ideas or even 'review' this issue, leave your notes via this form. Thanks for reading! - Peter
New DARPA challenge for unique algorithms for space applications On March 28, DARPA is kicking off a new challenge looking for unique algorithms to control small satellites onboard the International Space Station. You can craete, edit, and simulate your code right on DARPA's Zero Robotics site with the winning code being run for real on the ISS later on.
Stanford's Natural Language Processing Course Starts March 12 Stanford University is launching a new, free online course on natural language processing. It starts March 12 and you can sign up now.
CoderDojo Partners with GitHub to Create a New Generation of Hackers The philosophy behind CoderDojo is one of lighthearted fun and creative problem solving for young hackers (ages 7-18). It's free and GitHub is helping the project out.
Lang.NEXT: A Free Event for Language Designers and Implementers On April 2-4, Microsoft is hosting a free event for programming language designers and implementers at its Redmond campus. There's an impressive array of speakers and all sessions will be shared on Channel 9 later on too. This sounds awesome.
from our sponsor
The (Online) Programming Language Masterclass Language implementation expert Marc Andre Cournoyer is doing another run of his acclaimed class aimed at giving you an understanding of the inner workings of programming languages and their implementation. I'm told there are only 15 seats left for March.
New Programming Languages Come From Designers, Not Researchers An essay by Crista Videira Lopes questioning whether programming language research is still a valuable endeavor has triggered a lengthy debate on Slashdot and elsewhere.
You could have invented fractional cascading A nice explanation (with handy visuals) of deriving the fractional cascading technique for searching across a group of similar data structures. Only algorithm fans need apply here.
Building Data Structures Smaller than an Array and Faster (in C) A look at compact data structures that still have fast access characteristics.
Hacker News discussion of the above item, with extra useful info
Visualizing range trees A visual look at range trees which are typically tricky to visualize. Range trees are ordered tree data structures designed for the storage of and efficient querying of points and Mr Yang walks us through in style.
From Java Code to Java Heap Insight into the memory usage of Java code, covering the overhead of putting an int value into an Integer object, the cost of object delegation, and the memory efficiency of the different collection types.
Trivial Artificial Neural Network in Assembly Language
Forgotten TODOs: Ideas for contributing to open-source projects
PHP 5.4.0 A major leap forward in the 5.x series with improved performance and new features like traits and shortened array syntax.
Visual Studio 11 Beta The equivalent of 6,000+ floppy disks of fun with Microsoft's latest dev environment.
PhoneGap 1.5 Popular framework for building native mobile apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.
Vagrant 1.0 Easy virtual machine setup and deployment for development and testing, based around VirtualBox.
GCC 4.6.3 The wonderful GNU Compiler Collection.
GCC 4.7.0 Release Candidate 1
watching and listening
RR Book Club: Land of Lisp with Conrad Barski A podcast panel discussion with Conrad Barski, Lisp guru and author of 'Land of Lisp.' Lots to enjoy in here at over an hour long.
Software Craftsmanship and Code Retreats with Corey Haines
List of All Countries in All Languages and All Data Formats Lists of all country codes and names in 8 handy forms (text, JSON, YAML, XML, HTML, CSV, SQL and PHP) in 60+ languages.
Induction: A Polyglot Database Client for Mac OS X An open source GUI database client for OS X that supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, and MongoDB.
HTTPie: cURL for humans CLI HTTP utility to make CLI interaction with HTTP-based services as human-friendly as possible.
Numbers API An API for interesting facts about numbers.
15 Free E-books about User Experience and Interface Design
upcoming developer events
Selenium Conf London, Apr 16-18
DYNCON Stockholm, Apr 21-22
SF Agile 2012 Conference San Francisco, June 4-6
NDC: Norwegian Developers Conference Oslo, Norway; June 6-8
Throne of JS Toronto, Canada; Jul 20-22 (I doubt tickets will be available long for this!)
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Baltimore, Oct 3-6 (CFP closes soon!)
lighter bites
Thoughts on upcoming programming languages
C Programming Puzzlers Old but gold. 16 short C puzzlers with multiple choice answers. If you're into C, this will give you something to chew on.
GitHub security incident highlights Ruby on Rails problem
Reproducing a Rails Mass Assignment Vulnerability in ASP.NET MVC
vimtips.txt Several hundred vim tips, shortcuts, and tricks organized into a gargantuan text file.
Google: MoreSQL is Real Williams thinks this is the decade we all join the SQL renaissance!
How fast is bit packing? Certain types of data can be represented in less space using bit packing (e.g. 6 20 bit numbers into 4 32 bit integers) but computationally packing and unpacking can be expensive. Daniel Lemire investigates.
Why Programming Is Like Dancing
Do Kids Still Take An Interest In Programming For Its Own Sake?
To what level do you need to understand math for computer science?
perlunicook: Cookbookish Examples of Handling Unicode in Perl
Making great Metro style apps
Why critics of Rails have it all wrong (and Ruby's bright multicore future)
Microsoft, please support (at least a tiny bit of) C99
Pair Programming Considered Harmful?
quote of the week
Some programmers, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use floating point arithmetic." Now they have 1.999999999997 problems.
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