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December 23, 2013
A smaller, tastier issue for this festive Christmas week. I hope you have a good end of year whatever you're doing and look forward to sharing more great programming stuff in 2014.
Regex Golf: A Regular Expression Creation Game Not long along we had the Regex Crossword and now there’s a more direct game where you have to create regular expressions to match (or not match) certain strings.
Erling Ellingsen
RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis Many computers emit a high-pitched noise during operation, due to vibration in some of their electronic components, and it’s possible to eavesdrop on this. More a security paper than a programming one but the approach involved should interest most.
Genkin, Shamir, Tromer
Online Python Course for Experienced Developers
Reuven Lerner, who has taught Python at Apple, Cisco and HP, is bringing his live class online, starting January 14th. Three intensive days of lectures, live coding demos, hands-on exercises, Q&A, discussion, and learning to think in Python. Discount of 10% if you mention Status Code.
Reuven Lerner (Sponsor Item)
A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack A story from times of old about how game programmers did all sorts of crazy things to make their games run at playable speeds.
Tom Moertel
COBOL on Wheelchair: A Web Framework for GNU COBOL A rather retro, tongue-in-cheek take on Ruby on Rails webapp framework but on a modern implementation of the 54 year old COBOL language.
Hard Code Golf: A Regex for Divisibility by 7 A couple of clever solutions for producing a regex that can match integers that are divisible by 7.
Code Golf Stack Exchange
Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer Tool List for Windows
Scott Hanselman
Data Structure Visualizations Web-based visualizations for about 30 different data structures, including red-black trees, counting sort, heaps, and depth-first search.
David Galles
Om: The Future of JavaScript MVC Frameworks? An interesting, and highly performant, approach to client-side MVC is illustrated. It’s a ClojureScript interface to Facebook’s React library that brings the best of Clojure to the front-end.
David Nolen
Perl is 26 Today On December 18, 1987, Larry Wall released Perl to an unsuspecting world.
Modern Perl Programming
Vector: A New, High-level Language for General-Purpose GPU Computing Also available on GitHub.
Perl 6 Advent Calendar Something cool about Perl 6 for every day through December 1-24.
A Reflection on Extreme Programming
Uncle Bob Martin
flingfd: A Tiny C Library to Send File Descriptors Across Processes
Sharvil Nanavati
Gravel: A Smalltalk Implementation for the JVM
Opal: A New Hope (for Ruby Programmers) Forrest Chang looks at Opal, a source-to-source Ruby to JavaScript compiler, corelib and a runtime implementation that currently passes 1716 of the RubySpecs.
Erlang: The Written History
Joe Armstrong
Google Emulates Late-80s Amiga 500 Computer in Chrome Google’s latest Portable Native Client technology demo.
Christian Stefansen
Chrome Extension Programming: Illustrating a Basic Survival Skill with a Twitter Case Study
Andrej Karpathy
BayesDB: Query The Probable Implications of Your Data A Bayesian database table that lets users query the probable implications of their tabular data as easily as an SQL database lets them query the data itself.
Craft: A Simple Minecraft Clone Written in C using Modern OpenGL Easy to read/follow code.
Michael Fogleman
Implementing Real-Time Trending Topics with a Distributed Rolling Count Algorithm in Storm Storm is an open source distributed realtime computation system that can be used with any other language and that makes it easy to reliably process unbounded streams of data, doing for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing.
Michael G. Noll
How To Write Your Own Java / Scala Debugger
Tal Weiss
Mitigating Risk Through Technical Spikes
Michael Guterl
'Minimalish' Assembly TCP HTTP Server Program for i386 Linux Surprisingly short, modern assembler.
Last but not least..
"Programmers always confuse Halloween with Christmas because Oct 31 == Dec 25"
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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