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December 6, 2013
Language to Language Matrix Source-to-source compilers, interpreters, and bytecode compilers in a grid relating numerous programming languages to each other. There appears to be no Ruby to Clojure compiler yet, so get busy.. :-)
Visualizing Garbage Collection in Ruby and Python Pat presents an introduction to the concepts behind garbage collection before diving into a comparison of Ruby and Python’s approaches. Lots of diagrams and a pleasure to read.
Pat Shaughnessy
Usable Live Programming A look at a paradigm for more fluid feedback between the programmer and a program that is executing while it is being edited. This code is written in a research-oriented and very experimental langauge called ‘YinYang’.
Microsoft Research
24 Pull Requests: Giving the Gift of Code for Christmas 24 Pull Requests is a yearly initiative to encourage developers around the world to send a pull request every day in December up to Christmas.
from our sponsor
Attention iPhone developers - VersionEye supports CocoaPods now
So far, it was not possible for iPhone developers to get notified about updates for software libraries automatically. With the integration of CocoaPods in the VersionEye notification system this problem is a thing of the past.
Join the Compiler Creation Club A simple and accessible introduction to some of the concepts involved in creating a compiler that leans on JavaScript, PEG.js, and Hyperglot to provide a practical example.
Tristan McNab
Sentient Code: An Inside Look At Stephen Wolfram's Utterly New Computational Paradigm
How Node.js Has Revolutionized the Mail Online The Daily Mail is a popular (though controversial) British tabloid with a similarly popular online arm called Mail Online. This article looks at how Node.js has enabled their developers to work and deploy interesting features across the site more quickly.
Why Registers Are Fast and RAM Is Slow
Mike Ash
“More Instantly Better Vim” Damian Conway tells a great story with Vim as the central prop.
O'Reilly Media
A proposal for Ruby to follow a semantic versioning scheme after Ruby 2.1.0
Shota Fukumori
Becoming A Gopher: A Pythonista Learning Go A 10 minute chat between two developers about learning Go from the perspective of being Python developers.
An Introduction To Full-Stack JavaScript An overview of why full-stack JavaScript might be right for you and how it works from Node.js up to the browser.
Smashing Magazine
Announcing the F# 3.1 Compiler/Library Code Drop F# is an open-source, strongly typed, multi-paradigm programming language that originally started as a variant of ML. It’s well worth checking out if you’re a PL enthusiast.
Visual F# Tools Team
Go 1.2 Released
The Go Blog
IntelliJ IDEA 13 Released: The Next Version of The Award-Winning Java IDE
Hyperglot: A (JavaScript-based) Language Experimentation Platform Hyperglot aims to speed up the way you create and develop programming languages or DSLs. You specify a PEG grammar using Spidermonkey AST primitives and you get a compiler back.
Tristan McNab
Memoirs of a Software Team Leader (e-book) Costs money but the author has offered us the code StatusCode30 to take 30% off till the end of the weekend.
Łukasz Wróbel
jOOQ: An Interesting Way to Write SQL in Java jOOQ generates Java code from your database and lets you build typesafe SQL queries through its fluent API.
Data Geekery
What’s new in Git 1.8.5
PredictionIO: A Machine Learning Server for Data Engineers and Software Developers
A Fast-Paced Windows PowerShell Tutorial
NetLua: A Completely Managed .NET Interpreter for Lua
Francesco Bertolaccini
Canvas: Animate in Xcode without Code
Hebel: GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning Library in Python A library for deep learning with neural networks in Python using GPU acceleration with CUDA through PyCUDA. It implements the most important types of neural network models.
Hannes Bretschneider
The Z-80's 16-bit increment/decrement circuit reverse engineered
Ken Shirriff
Ruby Systems Programming Andy Delcambre looks at the basics of systems programming using Ruby and digs into things like syscalls, kernel space vs user space, file descriptors and more.
Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013
Try logic programming: A gentle introduction to Prolog
Bernardo Pires
C++ Has Become A Scripting Language With the release of C++11 and its focus on libraries, value types and other niceties, Jussi believes C++ has conceptually turned into a ‘scripting language.’
Jussi Pakkanen
Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX Common long-running arguments that still stand the test of time.
Wolfire Games
Text Compression for Web Developers
HTML5 Rocks
Announcing Scala.js v0.1 Scala.js is a compiler from Scala to JavaScript. It allows you to write your entire web application in Scala and simply compile to JavaScript.
Sébastien Doeraene
libconcurrency: A scalable concurrency library for C
Borland Turbo Pascal Compiler Reimplemented in JavaScript
Lawrence Kesteloot
The cost of dynamic (virtual calls) vs. static (CRTP) dispatch in C++
Eli Bendersky
'Perl One-Liners' Published by No Starch Press
No Starch Press
The Pragmatic Bookshelf's Latest Book: "Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins"
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Basic Data Structures and Algorithms in the Linux Kernel
A glimpse of undefined behavior in C
Christopher Cole
Conway's Game of Life in 9 Lines of C
Sean Murphy
Otto: A JavaScript Parser and Interpreter Written Natively in Go
Robert Krimen
Ruby Software Engineer at Efinancial (Bellevue, Portland, and Chicago) We value autonomy and quality output over hours worked. We offer a competitive salary and dedicated time to experiment and learn. Our system is service-based, written primarily in Ruby. We use Rails in addition to its lighter-weight companion framework, rails-api, to build small, independent services that compose a larger platform.
Back-End Web Developer at Planbox (remote position) Planbox is a small, cash flow neutral company that is well-positioned for rapid growth. We are looking for someone smart and dedicated to become part of our team and to contribute to the company's success.
"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."
Bjarne Stroustrup
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