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November 8, 2013
Don't adjust your sets, I really did take a few weeks off of Status Code, sorry. It's the most time demanding to make as the items come from so many disciplines, but I appreciated all the messages of support. Hopefully I'll find a way to make it work more regularly as time goes on. - Peter C
Chuck Moore's Creations A series of three wonderful posts that look at and play with the work of Chuck Moore, the inventor of Forth and, most recently, a 144-core, ultra low-power CPU that can be driven by Forth.
Ashley Nathan Feniello
'The Writer' Automaton A fascinating look at one of the earliest ‘programmable’ mechanisms, an automaton of a ‘writing’ boy from the 1770s.
YouTube (BBC)
Haskell is Useless A fun 6 minutes with a fascinating mind.
Simon Peyton Jones
from our sponsor
Interview: Bjarne Stroustrup Discusses C++ A short but interesting interview with the creator of C++ about what he sees as the role of C++, where things are headed with the language, and common mistakes newcomers to C++ make.
Electronic Design
TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks A performance comparison of many web application frameworks executing fundamental tasks such as JSON serialization, database access, and server-side template composition.
The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think Douglas Hofstadter, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Gödel, Escher, Bach, thinks we’ve lost sight of what artificial intelligence really means.
The Atlantic
Why Use Node.js? A Case-by-Case Introduction An intelligent look at a variety of scenarios where Node makes sense and how it differs to other solutions.
Animated GIFs the Hard Way Imagine if you could get the same effect as an animated GIF but in a smaller, higher quality PNG.
Jon Skinner
PostgreSQL 9.4 now faster than MongoDB for storing JSON documents
Oleg Bartunov
Parsing, Compiling, and Static Metaprogramming [video] Learn how to use compilers and parser generators to remove boilerplate, build DSLs, and generally do the impossible.
JSConf EU 2013
Bloom Filters by Example A Bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure designed to tell you, rapidly and memory-efficiently, whether an element is present in a set.
Bill Mill
Watch 15 Awesome MS-DOS Viruses in Action
A (Relatively Easy to Understand) Primer On Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Ars Technica
Why Isn’t Programming Futuristic
Ian Bicking
news and releases
Introducing Riak 2.0: Data Types, Strong Consistency, Full-Text Search, and Much More
Valgrind 3.9.0
Clang is now C++14 complete, preparing for C++17
GopherCon 2014: A Conference for Go Developers (Apr 24-26 - Denver, CO)
GNU Make 4.0 released
Visual Studio 2013 Released to Web
Hadoop 2.0 Makes Big Data Even More Accessible
Read Write
Whitedb: Lightweight NoSQL Database Library Written in C No server process. Data is read and written directly from/to shared memory, no sockets are used between WhiteDB and the application program.
dokku: Docker powered mini-Heroku in less than 100 lines of Bash
Jeff Lindsay
High Performance Browser Networking What every web developer should know about networking and browser performance: fundamental limitations of bandwidth and latency, Wi-Fi and mobile radio performance, and optimization techniques for TCP, TLS, HTTP 1.x and HTTP 2.0 and browser APIs such as XHR, SSE, WebSocket, and WebRTC.
Ilya Grigorik
The Pragmatic Bookshelf Releases '3D Game Programming for Kids' JavaScript-based and ‘appropriate for ages 10-99!’
The Pragmatic Programmers
Oli Studholme's Web Developer Unicode Tips 10 years after Joel Spolsky’s article “The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)” comes some extra tips for Web developers in particular.
The Pastry Box Project
Google's Shell Style Guide Tips from a variety of Google developers for shell script development.
Clojure From The Ground Up This guide aims to introduce newcomers and experienced programmers alike to the beauty of functional programming, starting with the simplest building blocks of software.
Kyle Kingsbury
Git Cheatsheet An interesting visualization of how Git’s commands have effects across different areas, including stashes, workspaces, indexes, etc.
Andrew Peterson
Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer
Daniël de Kok
GZIP is Not Enough: A Look At Compression and File Sizes on the Web A high quality, well presented talk by Google’s Colt McAnlis that digs into the current role compression works in making the Web more efficient and ideas for implementing effective compression strategies yourself.
actualvim: Sublime Text 3 input mode powered by Vim itself
Ryan Hileman
Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development
The Pragmatic Programmers
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Remote Pair Programming with Sam Livingston-Gray The focus is squarely on a wide variety of tools you can use.
Ruby Rogues
A Tiny Roguelike Game in 1KB of C Minimal roguelike with the barest of features: procedural levels, increasing difficulty, a basic AI, and a level-based score.
Kevin Harris
Nimrod: The Return of Pascal Pascal’s not likely to be making waves again anytime soon but it’s nice to relive the dream.
Steve Donovan
Reverse Debugging with gdb Since 2009, gdb has included support for a new way of debugging called “reverse debugging” meaning that gdb can “step” or “continue” your program backward in time, reverting it to an earlier execution state.
GDB Wiki
The Quality of Embedded Software, or the Mess Has Happened
Andrey Zubinskiy
Frege: Non-strict, pure functional programming language in the spirit of Haskell Compiled to Java and run on the JVM.
node-jvm: A Java Virtual Machine Implemented in Node.js A JVM (Java 5) implemented on top of vanilla Node.js.
Yaroslav Gaponov
Hylas-Lisp: A JIT-compiled Lisp dialect targetting the LLVM
Fernando Borretti
Crossing Over from C# to Ruby
Safari Books Online
High Performance Networking On The JVM [slidedeck]
Norman Maurer
Writing a FUSE filesystem in Python
Stavros Korokithakis
Git 2.0 changes push default to 'simple'
Nico Schuele
PureScript: Small Strongly, Statically Typed Compile-to-JS Language
Phil Freeman
CCAN: Comprehensive C Archive Network
Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 hours
Jonathan Tang
jsSMS: Sega Master System & GameGear Emulator Guillaume’s Reject.JS talk about this is very interesting too.
Guillaume Cedric Marty
Facebook Adopts D Language
Dr Dobb's
Puzzle Script - An Open-Source HTML5 Puzzle Game Engine An intriguing and powerful HTML5-oriented editor and toolkit for creating puzzle games online. It’s amazing how simply a game can be defined with this system.
Stephen Lavelle
ClojureScript: Lisp's Revenge by David Nolan 40 minute talk from Web Rebels.
Why Does The C Preprocessor Interpret The Word "linux" As The Constant 1?
Stack Overflow
Intel's Future Instruction Set: AVX512
Agner's CPU Blog
If Java Is Dying, It Sure Looks Awfully Healthy
Dr Dobb's
The Psychology of Engineers: A Talk on Introversion/Extroversion and Flow [video]
Web Engineer at Maker Studios (Los Angeles) Maker Studios has gathered over 60,000 of the largest and most influential YouTube channels into a new network model that is disrupting the television industry, and the technology group at Maker Studios develops the talent-facing web applications that make this possible at high-scale. If using technologies like Docker, NodeJS, CircleCI, Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, and CoffeeScript sounds exciting, we want you on our team.
Maker Studios
All-round or backend web-developer [Utrecht, The Netherlands] Want to join a team of Ruby engineers who are building the future of journalism? Challenges include SPA/REST-WS combo, scalability, workflow systems, and extreme pragmatism. (architecture astronauts and Rails CRUDders need not apply)
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip [London, UK] We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
"My son, after programming today: 'I think gotos are fine. I don't care if it is spaghetti.' Will revisit when he writes a 1000 line program."
John Carmack
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