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October 4, 2013
The Page-Fault Weird Machine: Lessons in Instruction-less Computation It’s possible to do computation on x86 processors without executing any CPU instructions. This is a demonstration of a Turing-complete execution environment driven solely by the IA32 architecture’s interrupt handling and memory translation tables, in which the processor is trapped in a series of page faults and double faults.
What Every Hipster Should Know About Functional Programming A 40 minute talk from the Web Rebels Conference that provides a crash course in the vocabulary of functional programming: higher order functions, combinators, monad, applicative functor, Kleisli triple, and more.
Bodil Stokke
from our sponsor
High Performance Browser Networking (read online for free)
What every web developer should know about networking and browser performance: fundamental limitations of bandwidth and latency, Wi-Fi and mobile radio performance, and optimization techniques for TCP, TLS, HTTP 1.x and HTTP 2.0 and browser APIs such as XHR, SSE, WebSocket, and WebRTC.
Ilya Grigorik
How to Make $100k in OSS by Working Hard Mike Perham, of Sidekiq fame, shares his experiences with making his work on the open source project pay.
Mike Perham
Using Katas To Improve Chong Kim writes on the benefits of doing katas, exercises in practicing coding by doing it repetitively. Includes a video of Chong implementing tic-tac-toe in Haskell.
8th Light
Swimming with the Fish Reflections on what it feels like to code in Smalltalk (a language that heavily influenced future OO languages).
Software Reflections
How to Design Great APIs A 30 minute talk where Kevin Lacker walks through the concepts behind API design and how we judge whether an API is good or not.
Parse Developer Day
From Homeless to Coder in Four Weeks A developer set out on an unusual challenge. Offer to work alongside a homeless person and teach him to code. The experiment has been going well.
Business Insider
In Big Science, Imagining Data Without Division A look at the increasing importance of bringing together hands on science skills with computer science and programming skills: “The big question is whether we should take trained computer scientists and teach them the hands-on bench science or whether we should take those physical and natural scientists and teach them CS.”
Simons Foundation
Adventures in String Reversal Reversing a non-ASCII string is harder than you might think. Here’s a look at some of the issues Unicode introduces.
Vidar Holen
41 Talk Videos from the Write the Docs Conference Write The Docs was a developer-focused documentation conference held in Portland, OR back in April. Videos of (nearly) all of the talks are now available to enjoy. There’s a lot here.
Write the Docs 2013
Qt 5.2 Alpha Available The first Qt release to fully support development of Qt applications for Android and iOS.
Qt Blog
vim-unstack: Vim Plugin for Parsing Stack Traces and Opening The Files Currenly supports Python, Ruby, C#, Perl, Go and Node.js.
Matthew Boehm
Formal Methods of Software Design An online course divided into 34 segments with videos, slides, transcripts, and even a textbook you can download.
Eric Hehner
Alenka: A GPU-based Database Engine An intriguing project that so far allows one to process 6 billion records in 4 seconds on a regular PC.
Launching Vim From Visual Studio
Grégory Pakosz
Run Node.js Code Quickly & Securely in The Browser Using Docker Like JSbin for server-side languages. Run server-side code quickly and securely in the browser. Automatic dependency installation. Live code execution. Transparent revisioning. Powered by docker.
Matt Mueller
Explain Shell, from your Shell An elegant and easy way to see what a UNIX command does without running it.
Richard Schneeman
RAML: A RESTful API Modeling Language
Switch to HTTPS Now, For Free
Eric Mill
Anonymouth: Document Anonymization Tool Anonymouth is a Java-based application that aims to give users to tools and knowledge needed to begin anonymizing documents they have written.
Privacy, Security and Automation Lab - Drexel University
Audio Analysis with Image Processing Algorithms
Jack Minardi An Embeddable JIT-Compiler Based On GCC
David Malcolm
Orbital War: An Open-source Multiplayer iOS Game
The Joys of Static Memory JavaScript
O'Reilly Programming Blog
A C++ Tetris Game that can fit in a QR code
It's Behind You: The Making of a (Sinclair Spectrum) Game
Bob Pape
Debugging In Vim (MacVim on OS X, specifically)
Philipp Zschoche
Why Haskell is Great (in 10 minutes)
Why OpenHeatMap Is Banned From Github
Pete Warden
Quantitative Data Cleaning for Large Databases [PDF]
Joseph M. Hellerstein
Senior Software Developer at Econify [Washington, DC] Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking one more senior developer to work with our fantastic clients in downtown Washington, DC.
2x JavaScript FE Developers (Senior & Mid), Central London JS framework (like Sencha), Angular, CoffeeScript, LESS, Ruby & Node, Agile. If you have exceptional JS skills and you’d like to work on a big SaaS video platform with global clients we’d love to talk to you about joining this innovative FE applications team
"One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code."
Ken Thompson
"Deleted code is debugged code."
Jeff Sickel
last but not least
You Can't Do Binary Under Pressure A quirky, fast-paced binary quiz. It’s interesting how you adapt to ‘guessing’ the answers with various tactics (e.g. any binary number ending in 1 must be odd) when under pressure.
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