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August 9, 2013
Principles of Lighting and Rendering with John Carmack
At QuakeCon 2013, John Carmack (co-founder of id Software and, as of this week, CTO of Oculus) shared a ton of wisdom into graphics rendering and lighting and now we can all enjoy it too. Always a pleasure to watch John and lots of cool stuff to pick up here if you have 90 minutes to spare(!)
The Haskell School of Music [PDF] It dates from 2012 but this is a fascinating book that digs quite technically both into music and Haskell from the ground up and then how they can be used alongside each other to explore various musical concepts.
OpenBR: Open Source Biometric Recognition A research project resulting in an open source library that includes a variety of algorithms for performing biometric recognition on pictures of people, e.g. age detection, gender estimation, and face recognition.
MITRE Corporation
from our sponsor
DreamFactory - Open Source REST & JSON Services for JavaScript Developers
The DreamFactory platform runs on any cloud. We provide REST APIs and services for SQL data, NoSQL data, BLOB storage, auth, user management, and external API access. Sign up at our website and see examples for AngularJS, jQuery, and Sencha Touch.
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How Fast Can We Make Interpreted Python? (Paper) Python is a popular dynamic language but its official implementation's performance can fall short compared to other languages such as Lua or JavaScript. To evaluate the potential for making it a lot faster, a team designed and implemented Falcon, a high-performance bytecode interpreter fully compatible with the standard CPython interpreter.
Power and Rubinsteyn
Bloom: Big Systems from Small Programs [video] A talk by Neil Conway, a fifth-year PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, at RICON East 2013 that digs into Bloom, a new programming language being developed at UC Berkeley that takes big steps towards improving distributed systems development.
LL and LR Parsing Demystified One of the better and more accessible introductions to parsing concepts I've seen.
Josh Haberman
Invisible XML XML is a popular format, but for authoring purposes XML is seldom preferred over better forms of notation. Steven Pemberton looks at how XML can remain within a system while essentially being 'invisible.'
Steven Pemberton
Understanding CPU Steal Time - When Should You Be Worried? Steal time is the percentage of time a virtual CPU waits for a real CPU while the hypervisor is servicing another virtual processor and can be important to measure when using a virtual machine.
Webcast: Modern Server Application Design with Erlang Erlang programmers have boasted about high concurrency, fault tolerance, and high scalability. In a webcast on September 3rd, Fred Hebert will explore some common application design patterns, tools, libraries, and optimizations used by Erlang developers for production systems.
O'Reilly Media
Beginning Game Programming for Teens with Python Written by a 13 year old Python developer but perfectly suitable for readers of any age who aren't familiar with creating simple games in Python :-)
Ray Wenderlich
3 New Programming Languages to Watch Briefly covers Livescript, Julia and Elixir.
Adam Bard
A Taste of the λ Calculus
Flying Machine Studios
Game Programming Patterns An online 'book' on architectural patterns in game code. It's a work in progress but there are already interesting chapters on game loops, spatial partitioning and more.
Bob Nystrom
Riml: A Vimscript Superset with Added Features Added features include classes, string interpolation, heredocs, default case-sensitive string comparison, default parameters in functions, and other things programmers tend to take for granted. It compiles down to plain Vimscript.
Maratis: Portable, Simple and Visual Game Development Tool Open source and aimed at both artists and developers. Use a simple Lua scripting langage or get access to the full engine in C++.
A List of Programming Screencast Series If you dig programming oriented screencasts, Avdi Grimm has put together a handy list of thirty series covering topics from Ruby to iOS, TDD, and JavaScript.
Avdi Grimm
UltraHook: Receive Webhooks On localhost Webhooks are HTTP requests made by remote services when certain events are triggered, but it can be difficult to receive them when testing from behind a firewall. UltraHook provides a public endpoint to give to other services and then tunnels requests to a private endpoint at your end.
Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Second Edition) Free download (first preview is PDF-only, final release will be available as EPUB and MOBI, too).
C++ Concurrency Cheatsheet
C++ Rocks
glad: OpenGL Loader-Generator Based On The Official XML-Specs
boxcars: Easy-to-configure Static Web/Reverse Proxy Server in Go
sexy-bash-prompt: Attractive Bash Prompt with Colors, Git Statuses, and Git Branches
MADlib: Open-Source Library for Scalable In-Database Analytics
Microsoft launches Windows Phone App Studio Beta
Python for Android: A Way to Package Python into an APK for Android
Using XSLT 2.0 as a Web Scripting Language
Simon St Laurent
Why JavaScript Will Become The Dominant Programming Language Of The Enterprise
Read Write
The Case For Go: 34 Links to Go Case Studies and Rationales
GitHub Gist
Analysis of the Go runtime scheduler [PDF]
Deshpande, Sponsler, Weiss
Bash Configurations Demystified
Dalton Hubble
Automatic SIMD Vectorization for Haskell [PDF]
Petersen, Orchard, Glew
Everything you wanted to know about SQL injection (but were afraid to ask)
Troy Hunt
Building a Forum with Clojure, Datomic, Angular, and Ansible
Flying Machine Studios
Dulwich: A Pure-Python Git Implementation
Functional GUI Testing Automation Patterns
Typo: A Programming Language That Runs in Haskell's Type System
Code Fellows to offer 'Code Camp' to at-risk youth, underprivileged women
Kartlytics: Applying Big Data Analytics to Mario Kart
Constructing A Simple Text Editor Foot Pedal
Matt Gauger
Virtual Panel: Using Java in Low Latency Environments
Erik Meijer on Monads
Product Developer at Iam150/ (London, UK) Love coding, hacking, technology? Love working with NodeJS, MongoDB, Python in an agile start-up environment? Love people using what you build? We create social products that help companies generate sustainable commerce from digital products and communities.
Senior backend- / API-developer at Rabble (Stockholm, Sweden) Help us develop Sweden's leading app for mobile offers, where customers and businesses meet on equal terms. Join us in the heart of Stockholm to play with geospatial data and Ruby API's all day long.
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"The object-oriented model makes it easy to build up programs by accretion. What this often means, in practice, is that it provides a structured way to write spaghetti code."
Paul Graham
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