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August 2, 2013
Bret Victor on The Future of Programming Bret Victor, of Inventing on Principle fame, is back with a new Alan Kay-inspired talk where he thinks about what programming is and where it's headed. He's also shared a page of references for the talk.
SecondReality: Source Code and Data of Second Reality by Future Crew in 1993 You'll need to be a real fan of the legendary 'demo' to dig through all of this but.. it's there. You can watch the demo in action here. It was a huge achievement on 1993 technology.
GoingNative 2013: A Cutting Edge C++ Conference by Microsoft A 3 day C++ event from Microsoft in September aimed at sharing the latest information about ISO C++11 and draft C++14. If your work touches on C++ at all, this is an event to be at.
Channel 9
John Carmack's 2013 QuakeCon Keynote Yet another amazing flow of ideas and insights from one of the leading programmers of our time.
from our sponsor
DreamFactory - REST and JSON Services for HTML5 and JavaScript Developers
DreamFactory is an open source backend as a service platform that runs on any cloud. We provide APIs for SQL data, NoSQL data, BLOB storage, user management, user roles, external integration, and app hosting. Get the Free Edition at our website!
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Towards Optimization-Safe Systems [PDF] A paper studying an emerging class of bugs called optimization-unstable code: code that is unexpectedly eliminated by compiler optimizations due to undefined behavior in the program.
Wang, Zeldovich et al.
When Lousy Code Strikes, Google Dispatches Its Elite 'Gopher Team' A high level piece about Google's Go language and its role within the company.
Why would introducing useless MOV instructions speed up a tight loop in x86_64 assembly?
Stack Overflow
Changing History with Git Peter Bell discusses a number of common problems related to rewriting history using Git and shows how to solve them.
Flippin' Awesome
A Worked Example: Designing for Correctness in F# An interesting walkthrough of building a shopping cart mechanism in C# that literally can't enter any 'illegal states'. As the author says: 'You literally cannot create incorrect code because the compiler will not let you.'
F# for Fun and Profit
Optimizing a Parser Combinator into a 'memcpy' A look at how to dynamically optimize high level parser descriptions, right down to a memcpy, easily crushing typical hand-rolled parsers in performance without sacrificing safety or succinctness.
Twisted Oak Studios
Computer Scientists Develop Mathematical 'Jigsaw Puzzles' to Encrypt Software A pioneering system to encrypt software so that it only allows someone to use a program as intended while preventing any deciphering of the code behind it.
UCLA Newsroom
15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes [video] Visual and audio representations of 15 sorting algorithms in just 6 minutes.
A 1975 Demonstation of APL [video] A live demonstration of the computer language 'APL' (A Programming Language) by Professor Bob Spence of Imperial College London. 28 minutes. One for the programming historians.
Why I Designed A Front-End Programming Language From Scratch
On Distributing Command Line Applications: Why I Switched from Ruby to Go
Code Gangsta
useful Record and Share Your Terminal With No Fuss Lets you record your terminal and share the recordings using a single command.
Queues: A Resource for Queueing Libraries A page aiming to collect the queuing libraries that are widely popular and have a successful record of running on (big) production systems.
The New York Times Mobile Team’s Objective-C Style Guide
FsCheck: A Property Based Testing Library for .NET
XVim: Xcode plugin for Vim keybindings
Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell
O'Reilly Media
Tutorial: Developing native C++ OpenGL apps for OUYA with Visual Studio
Stock Simulation in Clojure
Safari Books Online
OAuth Is Awesome, OAuth Is Horrible
Frank Stratton (Runscope)
C Testing for Embedded Applications with 'greatest'
Atomic Spin
Flipping Assumptions with 'Programmer Anarchy'
Michael Feathers
From Idea to App Store: An Adventure in Game Dev
A Rich New JavaScript Code Editor Spreading to Several Microsoft Web Sites
Scott Hanselman
JVM Tuning for Mere Mortals
6D Labs
NoFlo Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Everyone To Understand And Visualize Code
Commit Often, Perfect Later, Publish Once—Git Best Practices
Seth Robertson
Excuses For Lazy Coders
The Evolution of Direct3D
The Saint
Hello, JIT World: The Joy of Simple JITs
Josh Haberman
Basics of Function Pointers in C
Dennis Kubes
Kindergarten coders can program before they can read
New Scientist
Monitorama EU 2013: Open Source Monitoring Conference & Hackathon, September 19-20
Scala gets an attractive new homepage
Intel SHA Extensions: New Instructions Supporting the Secure Hash Algorithm on Intel Architecture CPUs
Intel Developer Zone
Reversing Bits in C
The Corner
"C is memory with syntactic sugar."
Dennis Kubes
last but not least
ICFP Programming Contest 2013 Contestants will be assigned a programming task and will have 72 hours to complete it (across August 8-11) using any programming languages and tools they wish. You have to be registered by August 5.
Microsoft Research
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