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July 5, 2013
Native Code Performance and Memory: The Elephant in the CPU This talk provides an overview of new hardware and how C++ lets you take advantage of it. Learn more about compiler optimizations and CPU performance; auto-vectorization and scalar optimizations are covered.
Channel 9
GitHub Gazer: GitHub Analysis and Discovery Enter a project name and find other projects that are related to it in some way. If you're lacking for an example, try rails.
Introducing Internet Explorer 11 (Preview) Microsoft has formally introduced Internet Explorer 11 as a preview included in the latest Windows 8.1 Preview. It further develops on IE 10's strong Web standards support and, notably, introduces previously teased WebGL support.
Qt 5.1 Released
Qt Blog
from our sponsor
What's in a Good Commit? 5 steps to making a good, cohesive commit to your codebase that makes sense.
Programming Trends on Stack Overflow A look at the ebb and flow of the popularity of different technologies and languages on the popular Stack Overflow site. Notably, JavaScript and Android are up sharply, C# is down, and 'iPhone' has nearly entirely given way to 'iOS'.
Dodgy Coder
Popular Conventions An analysis of Github commits to find out which syntactic conventions are most popular in JavaScript, Java, Python and Scala.
On Scala Bill has been playing with Scala and has a variety of insights to share about it.
Bill de hOra
Java Garbage Collection Distilled An attempt to explain the tradeoffs when choosing and tuning garbage collection algorithms for a particular workload in a Java environment.
Martin Thompson
The Intellectual Ascent to Agda A look at how to apply denotative design by deriving C++ programs from domain-specific mathematical entities using the syntax of Agda, a pure functional and dependently-typed language. (1h23m talk.)
David Sankel
C# Yellow Book A C# book used by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull as the basis of their first year programming course. Available in PDF format.
Rob Miles
Beej's Guide to Network Programming A long time network programming resource, now updated for IPv6.
Foundations of Computer Science A book taken out of print but which the authors believe is still a great way to learn about the theories behind computer science. A PDF is available for each chapter.
Aho and Ullman
The Developer's Code: What Real Programmers Do A four hour audiobook published by Pragmatic Bookshelf that provides '50+ nuggets of wisdom' to help you get ahead as a developer.
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Essential Math for Games Programmers Links to rather a lot of PDFs and presentations.
PuPHPet - Online GUI configurator for Puppet & Vagrant
ocstyle: Objective-C Style Checker
How to Build (and How Not to Build) A Secure “Remember Me” Feature
Troy Hunt
Introducing Daala: A Next Generation Video Codec
Js_of_ocaml: Compiler of OCaml Bytecode to JavaScript
From Zero to Cooperative Threads in 33 Lines of Haskell Code
Haskell for All
On Open Sourcing Libraries: A Few Basic Things To Remember
William Durand
7 Agile Best Practices that You Don’t Need to Follow
Jim Bird
Book Review: Modern C++ Programming with TDD
Victor Arias
gomeboycolor: A Gameboy Color Emulator Written in Go
Daniel Harper
Dao: A Lightweight and Optionally Typed Programming Language
Living with Lambdas: Functional Programming in C++
PragProg Magazine
Developing Neural Networks Using Visual Studio
Channel 9
Analysis of A Kernel Double-Fetch Race Condition Exploitation On x86
j00ru//vx tech blog
Why Not Python - The GIL Hinders Concurrency
Chris Stucchio
A is for Array: The ABC Book for Future Coders
Objective-C Lessons from Go
Andrew Mackenzie-Ross
Dynamic Languages are Unmaintainable (and Unit Testing is Overrated)
William Edwards
A Field Guide to Lua Coroutines
Atomic Spin
Algorithms Every Data Scientist Should Know: Reservoir Sampling
How Stripe Builds Software
Greg Brockman
The Best Name Ever for a Computer Language
The Poker Copilot Blog
Erlang at Basho, Five Years Later
PHP/Web Developer We’re looking for a web developer to join our growing team! As a developer at Adfero, you'll work alongside our team of developers, designers and communicators, and use great technologies like Drupal, D3 and Node.js to build awesome projects for our clients.
Post a job in a future issue of Status Code
"Computer programs are the most intricate, delicately balanced and finely interwoven of all the products of human industry to date. They are machines with far more moving parts than any engine: the parts don't wear out, but they interact and rub up against one another in ways the programmers themselves cannot predict."
James Gleick
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