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June 21, 2013
GitHub Unveils 'Repository Next' A newly redesigned content-focused repository experience for users of the popular open source repository service.
SemVer 2.0 Released The Semantic Versioning specification (SemVer) reaches its 2.0.0 release and adds a few new things along the way.
Phil Haack
from our sponsor
Statically Recompiling NES Games into Native Executables with LLVM and Go Dizzying, fascinating stuff. There's a ton to digest and enjoy here.
Andrew Kelley
C++11: The Future is Here Bjarne Stroustrup keynotes on what C++ is in general, how C++ 11 makes simple things even simpler, resource management, generic programming, and concurrency.
Bjarne Stroustrup
Three Useful Monads The Writer, Reader, and State monads, all explained with the help of some handy illustrations.
Aditya Bhargava
Why Developers Are Such Cheap Bastards Dan Rowinski argues that a 'culture of free' has made it almost impossible to sell tools to developers. Not sure I agree, but still..
Fun with Prolog: A Priceonomics Puzzle Using Prolog to solve a simple puzzle. A quick practical look at the language if you're not familiar with it or logic programming in general.
Dan Goldin
Interview: Today's Java with Cay Horstmann An interview that looks at the state of Java and where it's headed.
Getting Started With Google’s Dart Language John Sonmez was sceptical about Dart when it was launched, but find out why he now thinks that "The Dart language is awesome!"
Tim Bray's Golang Diaries I Tim Bray (one of the main authors of the original XML specification) shares some thoughts on the Go language.
Tim Bray
Prince Of Persia Code Review (Part 1) Fabien's latest game code review digs into the 1980s classic.
Fabien Sanglard
Programming on Early Microcomputers: A Retrospective
Larry Loeb
gor: HTTP Traffic Replay in Real-Time A simple HTTP traffic replication tool written in Go. Its main goal is to replay traffic from production servers to staging and dev environments.
Leonid Bugaev
tmate: Instant Terminal Sharing A fork of tmux.
Nicolas Viennot
AppSignal: Make your Rails Apps Fast and Errorless Track and debug errors, see detailed performance traces, compare hosts and find slow deploys. All from a single app.
Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications Learn the concepts and methods of linear algebra, and how to use them to think about computational problems arising in computer science. Coursework includes building on the concepts to write small programs and run them on real data.
Announcing TypeScript 0.9
TypeScript is a strict superset of JavaScript that essentially adds optional static typing and class-based object oriented programming to the language. More information on this release of TypeScript is provided by a blog post by S. Somasegar and a video interview with Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco and Luke Hoban.
Introducing Mintomic: A Small, Portable Lock-Free API An API for low-level lock-free programming in C and C++. It runs on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Xbox 360.
Jeff Preshing
FunScript: F# to JavaScript with Type Providers FunScript translates F# code to JavaScript. It has one standout feature: You can generate F# types from TypeScript definition files. This enables Intellisense and more for the DOM and JavaScript libraries.
PeepCode Releases 'Meet Elixir' Screencast Geoffrey Grosenbach and José Valim have put together an excellent screencast that digs into José's 'Elixir' language, a language that brings Ruby-esque syntax and pragmatism to the powerful Erlang VM.
Apache Releases Subversion 1.8
MineAssemble: A Tiny Bootable Minecraft Clone Written (Partly) in x86 Assembly
Alexander Overvoorde
Testing on the Toilet: Don’t Overuse Mocks
Google Testing Blog
How to Highlight Unwanted Spaces in Vim
Vim Tips Wiki
New C#-Based CQRS On .NET Tutorial Available
A London Summit for Mobile App Marketing Strategies (July 11)
App Promotion Summit 2013
The 10 Deadly Sins Against Scalability
High Scalability
Approximating Images With Random Lines
Scala.js: Write in Scala for The Browser
Sébastien Doeraene
PowerShell Command Line Introduction
Content-based Image Classification in Python
Deploy Java Apps With Docker = Awesome
ASCII is 50 Years Old
The '60s at 50
MetaC: A Metaprogramming Extension for The C Language
Thomas Maier-Komor
The Miller-Rabin Primality Test
Math ∩ Programming
Matter, Anti-Matter, and the Unified Theory of Garbage Collection
Michael Bernstein
Spark: Open Source Superstar Rewrites Future of Big Data
Wired Enterprise
Scala for C# Developers: A Tutorial
Dr Dobb's Journal
Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry
James Hague
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