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May 10, 2013
Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet The space and time Big-O complexities of common algorithms from binary search to hash tables, linked lists, and red-black trees.
How to Spread The Word About Your Code A three step approach to getting exposure for your latest open source project from getting your homepage right to contacting the right people and maintaining momentum long term.
Mozilla Hacks
Modern Garbage Collectors Under The Hood Covers reference counting, mark and sweep, object lifetimes, and generational garbage collection.
Jonas Schwammberger
from our sponsor
What Computer Science Isn’t A look at what things people usually, but incorrectly, conflate with CS (hint: actual programming).
Rob Patro
Don't Build. Compose. "The problem is that software isn't built; it’s written. The final product is not like the Bay Bridge. It's like a novel."
Kurt Leafstrand
Videos and Slides from ChefConf An immense amount of content in the form of videos and slides from around 60 talks given at ChefConf, a three day event on infrastructure automation. Technologies covered range widely from MongoDB and Git to AWS and the JVM.
Why I Develop For The Mac Agree or not, this is an interesting explanation of why one developer prefers to develop OS-specific apps rather than cross-platform web apps.
Evan Miller
The Computer Science Mismatch A look at the (supposedly) difficult state of employing CS graduates and software engineers and how colleges aren't stepping up to bridge the gap.
Teresa Meek
Great Programmers Write Debuggable Code Henrik says you can more easily tell the difference between a good and bad programmer when a program fails because good developers make their code easier to debug.
Henrik Warne
Open Source Is Better Than the Closed Stuff (Until You Hit 1 Million Lines) Results of a survey by a 'software code analysis company' called Coverity that find open source projects tend to suffer past the 1 million line mark vs proprietary projects that tend to improve past that mark.
Cello: Bringing Higher Level Programming to C Provides interfaces, duck typing, exception handling, simple object orientation, etc.
git? tig! tig is a text-mode, ncurses-based UI for git written by Jonas Fonseca. Find out why it's so useful here.
A Guide to Setting up Sublime Text A well presented guide to setting up Sublime Text 2 for development work including packages to try, config settings, and keyboard shortcuts.
Drew Barontini
libmicrohttpd: Small C HTTP Server Library A small C library that makes it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application.
clojurec: A Clojure Implementation On Top of C A compiler for the Clojure programming language that targets C as a backend. Based on ClojureScript.
Mark Probst
HTerm: The Graphical Terminal A graphical terminal for OS X X, Linux and iOS that supports showing graphics output direct in the terminal.
Unitools: Unicode Tools in the Browser A handful of tools for working with Unicode in the browser covering things like converting between mappings and conversion to HTML entities.
Codio Annotations Codio is an attractive Web-based IDE for both front-end web development and teaching to code. Its new 'annotations' feature lets you create rich, interactive code samples and documentation for a project in any programming language.
Mocky: Real HTTP Mocking Mock HTTP responses to test your REST API with this simple remote service.
PythonScript A Python-subset to JavaScript translator written in Python.
VimSpeak: Control Vim with Your Voice Using Speech Recognition
Spark Inspector: Runtime Inspection for iOS Apps
My Travis: Monitor TravisCI Builds Direct from Chrome
Google Chrome Extensions
Real Python: Python Programming Through Practical Examples
boris: A Tiny REPL for PHP
How to Make The Most of A (Tech) Conference
Corey Haines
How I Coded in 1985
John Graham-Cumming
What Are Fortran and COBOL Used For Today?
Stack Overflow
How to Start Hacking on Rakudo Perl 6
Irregular Expression
Digging Out The Craziest Bug You Never Heard About From 2008
Joe Damato
Why IBM Now Views LLVM As Being Critical Software
Michael Larabel
Practical Cryptography with Go
Kyle Isom
An Introduction to Format String Exploits
Alex Reece
A Look at Garbage Collection in Java
Richard Warburton
Writing A Good README
Jordan Maguire
John Carmack is Porting Wolfenstein 3D to Haskell
Git – When to Merge vs. When to Rebase
Derek Gourlay
Older Programmers Are More Knowledgeable, But Harder to Find
Android and Backbone.js Developers for Gigwalk (San Francisco) Gigwalk is a mobile work marketplace (think oDesk on top of mobile) here in SOMA. We’re looking for startup minded front end and Android developers who love APIs and want to join us in building something huge.
Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) – R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria Participate in award-winning projects as part of a young and interdisciplinary team. Part-/full-time and PhD candidate positions for outstanding Java(Script) developers with a focus on visual analytics, information exploration, and human computer interaction.
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company. We work on tough problems everyday and we're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Technical Designer/Gameplayer Scripter for Maxis (on titles like SimCity)
"Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them."
Laurence J. Peter
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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