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May 3, 2013
21 Talks from the 2013 European LLVM Conference Slides and videos from a two day conference that aimed to present the latest developments in the LLVM world, including Clang.
2013 European LLVM Conference
PONKMORTEM: The Story of Writing a C64 Game in 2013 For the recent Ludum Dare weekend game development competition, Sos decided to create a Commodore 64 game. A fun writeup, including code.
Sos Sosowski
The Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) in the Wild Fowler describes DIP before showing off a number of applications he has personally used on real projects so you'll have some examples from which to form your own conclusions.
Martin Fowler
Older Is Wiser: Study Shows Software Developers’ Skills Improve Over Time
NC State University
from our sponsor
No Mouse, No Problem! Bacon, Lettuce and Cloud: Spinning up a Tasty Cloud Server
No mouse was used in the creation of the Rackspace Cloud Server in this video. To prove the power of Makey Makey, a device launched on Kickstarter that promises to turn any object into a keyboard, we put it to the test using the ingredients of a BLT sandwich. Watch now and witness how easy (and delicious) spinning up a Rackspace Cloud Server can be!
A Dual Model of Open Source License Growth An academic paper that analyses license choices and correlated project growth from ten years of open source projects. It provides closed analytical models and finds that around 2001 a reversal in license choice occurred from restrictive towards permissive licenses.
Hofmann et al.
What Part of Milner-Hindley Do You Not Understand? Some explanations of the important type inference technique for the lambda calculus along with the notation used in its representation. Mostly interesting for the functional programming (especially Haskell) crowd.
Stack Overflow
C++ On The Web: Run Your Big 3D Game in The Browser A handy slide deck that summarizes the concepts involved in porting large C++ codebases to the Web, via JavaScript.
Andre Weissflog
A Responsible Programmer A quick walkthrough a variety of best practices and techniques that the author believes represent what a responsible programmer would do.
Anders Janmyr
Building Photoshop A look at the actual process of building the Adobe Photoshop 1.1 source code on a Mac from the era.
The Long View
Announcing TypeScript 0.9 Early Previews Microsoft has published a preview of the next version of TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. Highlights include generics and a rewritten compiler that better scales to large projects.
Clojure/ClojureScript: One Language to Rule The Web [video] Clojure is a modern dynamic language for the JVM, and ClojureScript is the same language compiled into JavaScript. This presentation describes the languages and how ClojureScript is compiled to JavaScript.
Performing Arithmetic with Regular Expressions A look at some of the computational capabilities of Perl's regular expression support.
Ricardo Bittencourt
The Beauty of Concurrency in Go You don't need to know Go to follow along here.
Alexander Demin
How Software Developers Really Spend Their Time So, what do developers claim to really be doing all day? Hmm.
An Interactive Exploration of the Google PageRank Algorithm
B Lyon
The //* /*/ //*/ Comment Toggling Trick
Alexander Brevig
Vortex Project: Live Coding in the Eclipse IDE An Eclipse editor plugin that holds a WebSocket connection to your browser and evalutates changed code upon key press. This shortens the feedback loop and can speed up some JavaScript tasks.
Kristoph Junge
Announcing the Release of WebMatrix 3 Microsoft's free Web development tool that supports ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js.
Scott Guthrie (Microsoft)
Chrome Logger: Server Side Application Debugging A Google Chrome extension for debugging server side applications in the Chrome console. Most languages include their own logging capabilities, but sometimes it is easier to see your logs right in the browser.
Craig Campbell
LearnStreet Teacher Pilot Program Provides programming teachers with a free student dashboard, autograder, and assignable practice exercises to save time and make teaching easier.
Edis: Erlang-based Protocol-Compatible Server Replacement for Redis Redis is a popular key/value data structure server and Edis is a Erlang-based clone that places more importance on persistence over holding the dataset in memory. Uses Google's LevelDB behind the scenes.
Intern: A Next-Gen JavaScript Testing Stack Feature highlights: runs tests in the browser and on Node.js; integrates with SauceLabs and Selenium; lets you use any assertion library (it comes with Chai); reports code coverage via Istanbul; supports Travis CI.
Light Table 0.4 Released Chris Granger's exciting, cutting edge development environment takes another step forward.
Chris Granger
Memkeys: Show Your Memcache Key Usage in Realtime
Tumblr Engineering
Why Isn’t There A Glut of Good Software Engineers?
Philip Greenspun
Optimising Purely Functional GPU Programs
McDonell et al.
Thoughts on Coding from a Long Term C++ Programmer at Google
Dean Berris
Survey of Commonly Available C System Header Files (Across Many Platforms)
Zack Weinberg
Harder Than It Looks: Rounding A Float to the Nearest Integer in C
Growing a Language with Clojure and Instaparse
Carin Meier
Erlang Meta-Programming with Elixir [video]
Yurii Rashkovskii
BODOL: A New Functional Language Experiment
Compiler Warnings for Objective-C Developers
Ole Begemann
Simple Guide to Writing A Server in C
Carl Barker
Scott Guthrie Discusses Windows Azure SDK 2.0 [video]
Channel 9
jemul8: An Object-Oriented JavaScript x86 Emulator
The Clojure Philosophy
Dr. Dobb's Journal
How To Prototype In Xcode Using Storyboard
Meng To
Please, Oh Please, Use 'git pull --rebase'
Krzysztof Hasiński
AMD Reveals Potent Parallel Processing Breakthrough
The Register
Why Is 'printf' Better Than 'echo'?
Unix / Linux Stack Exchange
Git: Automatic Merges With Server Side Hooks (For The Win!)
Software Engineer at Turn (Silicon Valley) Angular, Node, Bootstrap. Big data, machine learning, distributed systems. If these are technologies you're interested in and you're good with JavaScript, we'd love to talk to you about joining our front-end applications team at Turn.
Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) – R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria
DevOps Hipster aka Infrastructure Engineer at Jimdo (Hamburg, Germany)
"Being abstract is something profoundly different from being vague. The purpose of abstraction is not to be vague, but to create a new semantic level in which one can be absolutely precise."
E. Dijkstra
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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