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April 19, 2013
General Purpose Programming Languages' Speed of Light Laurence Tratt ponders on the future and the limits of general purpose programming languages.
What Is Probabilistic Programming? A probabilistic programming language is a high-level language that makes it easy for a developer to define probability models and then “solve” these models automatically.
O'Reilly Radar
Perfect Developer Workflow in Sublime Text 2 An extensive 2 hour walkthrough of the popular Sublime Text 2 editor covering areas like search, key bindings, snippets, testing, enhancements, live reloading, and more.
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Building A Rackspace Private Cloud… In My Garage
Challenge accepted. Ryan Geyer of RightScale built a Rackspace Cloud Server in his garage. “If I can do it in my garage, it should be a breeze for an enterprise to get up and running quickly.” Read about Geyer’s experience and get started on your mission today. Where will you spin up your server?
Stochastic Superoptimization “Stochastic Superoptimization” is a fancy way to say “randomized search for fast machine code.” An interesting idea of performing 'superoptimization' via a system that searches for the fastest approach to get from specified inputs to specified outputs.
gitdown: Don't Commit When You're Drunk A script which moderates your git committing activity based on your blood alcohol content (BAC).
The Bw-Tree: A B-tree for New Hardware The emergence of new hardware and platforms has led to reconsideration of how data management systems are designed. From Microsoft Research comes a new form of B tree which achieves its high performance via a latch-free approach that exploits the processor caches of modern multi-core chips.
Setting up Sublime Text 2 Alex MacCaw has recently switched from TextMate to Sublime Text and shares some pointers on its configuration. (But my personal protip: Phoenix, a fork of Soda, looks even nicer than Soda.)
Alex MacCaw
Your First iOS App: 100% Programmatically A tutorial that follows Apple's own "Your First iOS App" tutorial but implements all of the user interface elements programmatically.
Essentials of Garbage Collection A look at a way for teaching the essential ideas behind how garbage collection and garbage collectors work.
Will JavaScript take over the programming world? Roughly a year ago, O’Reilly’s Simon St. Laurent thought that JavaScript would eventually dominate the programming world. Recently, he has changed his mind, because compiling other languages to run on JavaScript engines has made tremendous progress.
NetRexx: The Original JVM Scripting Language Returns The first scripting language for the JVM was recently open-sourced by IBM. After a major update, it is once again finding its place by leveraging its unique benefits.
Dr Dobb's Journal
Lambda Jam: A New Hands-On Conference for Functional Programmers Takes place in Chicago over July 8-10. A significant portion of each day will be devoted to hands-on practice or workshops.
Strange Loop's Call For Presentations Now Open Strange Loop is one of the most significant general programming conferences around nowadays so don't miss out on the chance to speak. It's in St. Louis, MO over September 18-20. The call ends on May 9.
dotnetConf: The .NET Community Virtual Conference Takes place over April 25-26. Includes talks on JavaScript, ASP.NET, test driving development, Windows Phone 8 development, NoSQL, git, and responsive design, so not just the usual .NET stuff.
DotScale: The Tech Conference to Supersize Your Apps Scaling is the name of the game at this conference in Paris, France on June 7.
LambdaNext: A Clojure Workshop in London (May 20-22)
An Advanced Introduction to C# A brief and advanced introduction into programming with C#. A handy primer if you know a little C or Java.
Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python A beginner's guide to both crytography and programming in Python.
git-code-review: A git Extension to Help with Code Reviews An extension to git to help you with doing regular code reviews of other team members' commits.
An Introduction to x64 Assembly
Intel Developer Zone
Cap'n Proto: A Fast Data Interchange Format A fast data interchange format and capability-based RPC system. "Think JSON, except binary. Or think Protocol Buffers, except faster."
The Computer Science Field Guide An online resource for teaching Computer Science to students.
Math for Game Developers: A YouTube Series A series of videos explaining math for game developers. Covering things like dot products, Euler angles, and projections.
Base91x: Tiny Data Encoder and Decoder Written in C++ XML and JSON friendly and features 10-19% less overhead than Base64. At under 100 lines for the main algorithm, it's an interesting piece of C++ code.
Subvim: Vim Customized to Be Like Sublime Text
A Scala Tutorial for Java Programmers
Official Scala Site
Know Your HTTP: A Series of A0-sized Posters About The HTTP Protocol Share Live Code Snippets in Your Browser
ProgBuddy: A Shared Development Environment in Your Browser
Haskell Beats C Using Generalized Stream Fusion [PDF] A paper from Microsoft Research that demonstrates 'stream fusion' a powerful technique to translate high level sequence processing functions into efficient implementations. Coupling this concept with Haskell, the authors got high level Haskell code to compile down to code that was faster than compiled C.
Microsoft Research
A General Technique for Automating NES Games A fun 15 minutes here. The AI's strategy for not losing at Tetris is quite inspired.
Linux Assembly HOWTO
Leo Noordergraaf
A Sample of Standard ML, the TreeSort Algorithm, and Monoids
Math ∩ Programming
Examples From Tony Hoare's 1978 Paper 'Communicating Sequential Processes' Implemented in Go
Thomas Kappler
Finding The Kth Largest Item in A List of N Items [PDF]
Saikiran Pitla
Functional Programming with D
Andreas Zwinkau
The Bristol Papers & The State of C++
Jens Weller
Build Cross-Platform Apps in C# using Parse and Xamarin
How To Build Apps In C#, WinForms and ASP.NET for the Raspberry Pi
Anoop Madhusudanan
Cinder: A Library for Professional-Quality Creative Coding in C++
Virgil: A Statically Typed Language Balancing Functional and OO Features
Lambda The Ultimate
How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner
Senior Ruby Developer at Envato [Melbourne, Australia]
Software Development Manager at Revelation, Inc. [Portland, Oregon]
Software Engineer at Samasource [San Francisco, California]
"But in our enthusiasm, we could not resist a radical overhaul of the system, in which all of its major weaknesses have been exposed, analyzed, and replaced with new weaknesses."
Bruce Leverett
last but not least
Qamine: Bug Duplication Analysis Tool Qamine analyzes your commits, warns when you forget to change certain duplicated code regions.
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