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March 8, 2013
The Pragmatics of TDD Uncle Bob Martin looks at the old argument of pragmatism vs dogmatism with regards to test driven development and similar principles. Here, he explains his pragmatic standpoint on TDD and when he doesn't practice it.
My First Programming Job in 1981, and How It Shaped My Career Andrew Wulf sends us on a nostalgia trip while also summarizing 8 key lessons he picked up at the start of his long programming career.
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news and releases
Practical Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science with Python 3 (2nd Edition)
A major update of a Pragmatic Bookshelf book that teaches you how to solve real world problems with Python 3 while learning about computer science concepts along the way.
WebStorm 6.0 Released: The JavaScript IDE JetBrains' WebStorm claims to be the 'smartest JavaScript IDE.' Version 6 is a major update and adds support for TypeScript, automatic compilation of languages like Dart and CoffeeScript, and full-featured debugging of these languages with source map support.
Komodo IDE 8.0 The free Komodo Edit has also been released at version 8.0 (a handy cross platform programming editor in my experience).
Analysis Nirvana Via Stripped Executables and Binaries? Software-analysis tools company GrammaTech has announced a static-analysis tool for analyzing binary libraries and executables.
Reddit /r/readablecode A sub-Reddit dedicated to discussing code reading and sharing good repositories to code read along with tips on doing so.
Compilers Are Way Smarter Than I Thought A look at a GCC optimization.
BLZ: A Data Format Leveraging The Hierarchical Memory Model
What Research Teaches About Making Languages Easy to Learn A 12 minute video interview with Andreas Stefik.
Why Haskell Is Worth Learning
QR Codify: The Most Useful Snippet I've Ever Written A nice reminder of how useful OS X's Automator visual scripting tool can be. In this case, Zachary Voase has created an OS X service that can convert any selected text into a QR code.
Introducing Sodium, A New Cryptographic Library A portable, cross-compilable, installable, packageable, API-compatible version of NaCl.
Shadertoy: Build and Share WebGL Shaders Lots of cool 3D demos here along with a live editor experience for building and tweaking WebGL shaders.
vim-gitgutter: A 'git diff' in Your Vim Gutter A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column).
Introducing REBIN: Explose CLI Apps as Web Services Pipeable Bash Script That Prints Current Time While Waiting for An Input From STDIN
What Does 1#J Mean? A Strange Corner Case of The Printing of Special Values What's infinity rounded to two decimal places? Turns out it's "J" if you're using Visual C. Raymond Chen explains why.
RTanque: A Robot Programming Game in Ruby Players program the 'brain' of a tank and then send their tank into battle with other bots. Based upon the Java project 'Robocode.'
Short Algorithm, Long-Range Consequences A new technique for solving ‘graph Laplacians’ is drastically simpler than its predecessors, with implications for a huge range of practical problems.
4 Things Java Programmers Can Learn from Clojure (without learning Clojure)
Async++: A Lightweight Concurrency Framework for C++11
Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough: Slides of The Best Bits of Ruby 2.0
The Joy of Hyper-Rapid Development
HTTP+JSON Services in Modern Java
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Web Application Developer for Big Nerd Ranch Seeking smart, kind folks who want to make the world a little better through developing, training and writing about cutting-edge code.
"Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen."
last but not least
How to Open a Microchip and See What's Inside
Not a lot to learn here but enjoy this for the visual delights alone. A striking look inside the devices that run our code.
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