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February 22, 2013
Announcing Xamarin 2.0: Create iOS, Android and Mac apps in C# Xamarin is a powerful collection of tools and technologies for working with C# outside of Microsoft's own .NET environment. 2.0 includes a new 'Xamarin Studio' IDE and the ability to build iOS apps in MS Visual Studio.
Coding Confessional: Airing Dirty Developer Laundry On the lighter hearted side of things, enjoy this compilation of programmers' 'confessions' or even submit one of your own..
NGINX Announces Support for WebSocket Protocol
Oracle Announces General Availability of NetBeans IDE 7.3
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Online jQuery Training from the Experts at Bocoup
Level up your jQuery knowledge with Bocoup’s online jQuery Essentials training from Ben Alman. It’s an immersive look at patterns and techniques you can use to improve your code, your site, and your development experience. It starts on March 4 so sign up now.
QEMU 1.4.0 The CPU emulator and virtualization tool.
Riak 1.3 The distributed NoSQL database.
Linux 3.8 A new version of the Linux kernel.
Duke Nukem 3D Code Review A dive into the source code for the classic 1990s first person shooter by 3D Realms.
Monkey-Patching iOS with Objective-C Categories Part III: Swizzling Have you ever wanted to introduce new functionality to base classes in the iOS SDK? Or just make them work a little differently? In order to do so, you must enter the wild and dangerous world of monkey-patching.
Drawing The Native/Web Line in Basecamp for iPhone 37signals' Nick Quaranto explains the motivations behind the division between native and Web-based views in their new iPhone app.
Learn Git Branching A clever visual demo and interactive environment designed to help beginners grasp the powerful concepts behind branching when working with git.
The Perl Renaissance "The Perl Renaissance is in full swing." This 40 minute talk by Paul Fenwick demonstrates why and how.
Forth Warrior A game of programming, stabbing and low cunning. Your Forth code controls the actions of a valiant adventurer as she plunges ever deeper into a mysterious dungeon.
Write Yourself a Haskell... in Lisp
5 Reasons Why in 5 Years Desktop IDEs Will Be Dead
A Type Driven Approach to Functional Design [video]
Short Text Language Detection with Infinity-Gram
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
This edition dates from 2008 but all of the chapters are now available to read for free online in PDF format. It covers cryptography, banking security, nuclear command security, biometrics, DRM, network defence, and more.
Fluxcapacitor: POSIX Time Function Spoofing Fluxcapacitor is a tool for spoofing POSIX time functions and making your program run without blocking on timeouts on functions like poll and select.
BundleScout: E-mail Notifications of Library Updates A service that sends daily e-mails letting you know about updates to your favorite libraries. Now supports Ruby and gems. Allows five for free.
BOXEN: Automate The Pain Out of Your Development Environment A new tool from GitHub to install your dependencies. They describe it as "your team's IT robot." It currently only supports OS X.
Redish: A Multi-Threaded, TCP, Key-Value Store Inspired by Redis, Implemented in Haskell
Interactive Vim tutorial
Implementing a D-Bus Daemon in C D-Bus is currently being used by many Linux applications to enable talking to one another, and since documentation on it is rather sparse, this post will teach you how to write a long-running D-Bus daemon using C and GLib.
The Vivid Schemer An interactive, online programming tuition tool based around the ideas in the famous Little Schemer.
WebQuake: An HTML5 WebGL port of Quake The demo crashes my Chrome Canary just after the level appears but it's an interesting attempt. Chrome and Firefox on Windows are recommended by the author.
A nice, little known C feature: Static array indices in parameter declarations
Building an MP3 Player with Qt5
The second-order-diff Git trick
Developing An End-to-End Windows Store App Using JavaScript: Hilo
On Compilers and Interpreters: A List of Handy Links and Resources
Python vs Node.js vs PyPy Benchmarks
A Quiz About Integers in C
Performance-Wise, C# Trumps Java
Git merge vs. rebase
Web Application Developer for Big Nerd Ranch Seeking smart, kind folks who want to make the world a little better through development, training and writing about cutting-edge code.
Senior Engineer at State (London) - new global platform for opinions Join our core engineering team to help us build smart algorithms, great interactions, high performance infrastructure and scaleable APIs. We're based in London, still early stage but moving fast, with incredible advisors from Tim Berners-Lee to Troy Carter.
Full-stack Web App Engineer for fast-growing SaaS company FreeAgent are looking for a talented full-stack web app engineer to come and join their amazing team on their mission to democratize small business accounting.
"If you can put an axe through it, it's hardware; if you *want* to put an axe through it, it's software."
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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