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Python's EU trademark, How do blind coders work? Read this issue on the Web
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February 15, 2013
Python trademark at risk in Europe: The PSF needs your help The Python Software Foundation is running up against a British company that's trying to trademark the use of the term "Python" for all software, services, and servers. If you're a European Python user, you might be able to help in the fight by documenting your use of Python.
Jolt Award for Coding Tools 2013: Winner and Finalists Several judges pored over the new coding tools released over the past year and picked a winner, JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 12.0 Ultimate. The other finalists are interesting as well though, such as Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3, a curious IDE that support Delphi, C++, and/or HTML5.
How can you program if you're blind? Blind StackOverflow users describe how they are able to program.
CloudConf: A new kind of Cloud Conference (Paris, June 7)
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Gelsinger and Meyer: Two CPU Designers Who Changed the World Interesting, short profiles of two influential CPU designers, one who led development of the 486 and the other who helped bring 64 bit technology to mainstream CPUs.
Adobe Photoshop 1.0 Source Code A great piece of computing and programming history.
Modern OpenGL 01: Getting Started in Xcode, Visual C++, and Linux The first in a series of tutorials that walk through using the OpenGL graphics API from the basics up.
The true power of regular expressions An accessible but math-leaning look at what puts the 'regular' in regular expressions and their potential in matching against various types of formal language.
How Facebook is fighting spam with pure functions A look at a language called FXL, a domain-specific language "forged in the fires of spam fighting at Facebook."
What is the fastest data-structure for cross-word like searching? An interesting discussion the computer science sub-Reddit.
The Highest-Level Feature of C
Glibc and the kernel user-space API
Decoda: An Established Lua IDE and Debugger now Open Sourced
Game Closure Open Sources Its Battle Tested Mobile Gamedev 'DevKit'
cldoc: Clang Based Documentation Generator for C and C++ cldoc tries to solve the issue of writing C/C++ software documentation with a modern, non-intrusive and robust approach.
Syntax Highlighting for Google Talk/Chat A Chrome extension that detects when you're typing code in a gTalk session and then syntax highlights it.
fatcache: Memcache on SSD
Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer
Pharo: An Open Source Smalltalk
Continuum: An ES6 Virtual Machine Built in JavaScript An intriguing experiment that parses code using Esprima, compiles an AST to bytecode, then runs it in a special ES3-level interpreter. Claims to support nearly the full, existing 400+ page ES6 spec. Very clever stuff from Brandon Benvie.
Rapid Programming Language Prototypes with Ruby and Racc At RubyConf 2012, Tom Lee demonstrated how you can use Racc, a LALR(1) parser generator that emits Ruby code from a grammar file, in the process of creating a simple programming language of your own.
PTX Back-End: GPU Programming With LLVM A talk about the PTX (Parallel Thread Execution) back-end for LLVM. PTX is a pseudo-assembly language used in Nvidia's CUDA programming environment.
3D Rendering As Functional Reactive Programming This is a few years old but I love that John Carmack (id Software) recently posted this on his Twitter stream asking 'Insightful or insane?'
Tutorial: Developing a Raspberry Pi app with Visual Studio
IDIV DoS: How to crash a program via division
On calculating Fibonacci numbers in C
Fast Set Intersection in Memory [PDF paper]
sprocketnes: An NES Emulator Written in Rust
How to Manually Create an ELF Executable
Senior Developers at Envato (Melbourne, Australia) Are you looking for an amazing team working on a top 200 site and genuinely interesting problems to solve? Envato is looking for people with experience building, testing and maintaining large scale webapps.
Web Application Developer for the Big Nerd Ranch Seeking smart, kind folks who want to make the world a little better through bad-ass development.
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"We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise."
last but not least
Why do cars have brakes? A persuasive analogy for why processes like automated testing are beneficial in software development.
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