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November 9, 2012
Meet the New (and Rewritten) Light Table Work on Chris Granger's radical IDE continues at a rapid pace. With version 0.2, it turns out he's rewritten it from the ground up and has a lot to show for it.
GitBattle: Battle Two GitHub Accounts OK, it's a bit silly but put in two GitHub usernames and see.. who gets the highest numbers and stuff ;-)
OpenHack: Real Life Events for Coding Together Mostly in the US, OpenHack is currently made up of about 20 different events where developers can get together and code. You're also invited to start your own.
UX in TO: 3 Day UX Workshop in Toronto (November 28-30) A 3 day user experience workshop from Rosenfeld Media and Hypenotic.
from our sponsor
TraceView – Smarter, Easier Website Application Performance Management
End users demand fast website performance! It is critical for application engineers and web developers to have the best application performance monitoring tools to make it EASY for you to keep up with user performance demands. Find out how you can use application performance monitoring tools to improve the performance of your web application.
Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules for Easy Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines An interesting academic paper about separating image processing algorithms from concerns over their storage or order of computation with the result of simpler code and significantly improved performance.
Go at Google At the ACM's recent SPLASH conference, Rob Pike gave a talk about the Go language (of which he is a co-creator) and why it makes sense at a company like Google from a software engineering point of view.
Reference Graphs as Tools for Refactoring A quick look at using graphs of references as a tool when refactoring code.
The TCP/IP Checksum A look at how to implement a TCP checksum generator before optimizing it down with x86 assembler.
9 Dart Myths Debunked Google's Dart language seems to be one many people talk about without checking it out, so Dart evangelist Seth Ladd sets out to debunk some of the myths.
I Fixed Python! How one developer found an interesting quirk in Python's tokenizer library and got it resolved.
The Definitive Guide to Form-Based Website Authentication Lots of best practices in the first answer.
git add -p: The Most Powerful Git Feature You're Not Using Yet
What triggered the popularity of lambda functions in modern programming languages?
Is modern C++ replacing C#? (or Is Microsoft pushing developers to adopt C++?)
PhoneGap 2.2.0 The toolkit for building cross-platform mobile apps using common Web technologies. Now supports Windows 8. Windows Phone 8 support is coming soon, however.
MoonScript v0.2.2 CoffeeScript inspired language that compiles to Lua.
Latest Visual C++ Tech Preview: Now With More C++11 A tech preview of the work in progress to add several new C++11 features to the Visual C++ compiler.
watching and listening
Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language For Technical Computing Stefan Karpinski and Jeff Bezanson introduce Julia, a Mathlab-like dynamic language with a sophisticated parametric type system supporting multiple dispatch.
Understanding Indexing Without Needing to Understand Data Structures Zardosht Kasheff suggests 3 rules for indexing SQL databases: retrieve less data, avoid point queries, and avoid sorting.
Relational Programming in miniKanren Daniel P. Friedman and William E. Byrd demonstrate miniKanren, a simplified version of KANREN - a declarative logic programming system with relations embedded in a pure functional subset of Scheme.
Y Not? Adventures in Functional Programming Jim Weirich uses the Y-Combinator as a tool to explain the nature of functional programming. I enjoyed a similar talk by Jim at ScotJS earlier this year - he's great fun to watch.
Angle Brackets and Curly Braces From the just-finished BUILD 2012 conference comes a talk from Scott Hanselman about the relationship between the cloud and the browser and how multiple languages all come together in the cloud.
Two Screencasts on How to Demystify Spaghetti Code
pathod: Pathological HTTP Daemon for Testing and Torturing HTTP Clients Want to test your HTTP client library, HTTP-based app, or other tool against a server that can hang, disconnect, or otherwise act weird at your control? pathod is the answer.
Objective Cloud: Easily Deploying Objective C Webapps in the Cloud It's not yet available but aims to be a service to which you can push Objective C code (compiled or not) to build an HTTP-based Web accessible service.
Foundation: A C++ Library for Simple Data Oriented Programming Bitsquid works on high powered game engines in C++ and have built 'Foundation', a library that provides a 'back to C' style of C++ programming and includes functions for memory allocation and data manipulation. MIT licensed.
Tutorial: Building Web Applications with R and 'Shiny' R is a popular language in the statistical computing field and Shiny makes it possible to roll out webapps with it. Learn how to tie it all together in this tutorial.
world.db: Open World Database and Schema A database of the world's countries, regions, and cities. Uses SQLite.
Webshell: An Easy Way to Work With Popular Web APIs (from the Web Itself) An online coding environment/sandbox with a focus on interacting with Web-based APIs. Says it can be used to 'program the Web in JavaScript, CoffeeScript or even TypeScript!' Check out the 'Prototyping' examples to get a feel for it.
Ratchet: iPhone App Prototyping with HTML, CSS and JS
Ruby on Rails Developer at Litmus (Remote, anywhere!) Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company, offering a great salary, full health care benefits and 28 days paid vacation. We're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Für alle, die nicht nur ein Rädchen im Getriebe sein möchten - wir suchen agile Softwareentwickler.
lighter bites
Loop Unrolling in 'sh' (zsh, bash, dash, etc.) Evil, evil stuff :-)
Dr. Alan Kay on the Meaning of 'Object-Oriented Programming' A golden oldie, if you will.
20 Kick-Ass Programming Quotes Thanks to Kate Matsudaira for the heads up.
Getting Started with TypeScript: Classes, Static Types and Interfaces
Why We Need A 'Software Museum'
Teaching Programming To A Highly Motivated Beginner
Microsoft's JavaScript Move
CheckIO: A Programming Game
Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with 'Processing'
Run Anything on Heroku with Custom Buildpacks
Wish: A Fundraiser for the 'Ultimate Command Line Experience for Windows'
MongoDB Gotchas and How To Avoid Them
A 'tcpdump' Tutorial and Primer
Voice Recognition Using MATLAB
The Biggest Changes in C++11 (and Why You Should Care)
How to program a Gaussian Blur without using 3rd party libraries
"Question: With TDD how do you test a class that looks like this? Answer: With TDD you don't arrive at classes like that."
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