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November 1, 2012
No big releases this week, but plenty of videos and tidbits to read. Enjoy! - Peter
Rosalind: A Project Euler for Bioinformatics Programming Challenges Take on some bioinformatics programming challenges with the Rosalind platform. Not as complicated as it sounds initially; the first challenge ('Counting Nucleotides') will be simple for all but the later ones will provide a good learning experience.
The Most Dangerous Code in The World: Validating SSL Certificates in Non-Browser Software A paper from ACM CSC '12 that comes with the ominous abstract: 'We demonstrate that SSL certificate validation is completely broken in many security-critical applications and libraries.'
The Nature of Code: A Book by Daniel Shiffman Currently in draft but you can read it online. It's all about simulating real life behaviors (e.g. nature) in code.
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Array Allocation in C++ A look at a subtlety in C++ array allocation and how the Red Hat Security team changed the GNU C++ compiler to deal with it safely.
Discovering The Future of Java Mostly a look at the long deferred 'Jigsaw' module system that should finally arrive with Java 9.
A Tutorial on ALGOL 68 [PDF] I collect old programming books so enjoyed flipping through this. Of course, it's not entirely relevant today.. ;-)
Powerful Command Line Tools For Developers Covers curl, ngrep, netcat, shuttle, siege and mitmproxy.
Why Windows Phone 8 Excites Me A few interesting technology reasons (WP8 includes Direct3D and native code support for using stuff like C++ code or SQLite.)
Network Service Discovery API Support in Opera Opera has submitted a draft specification to the W3C that eases discovery and data sharing between devices by letting Web pages communicate with devices advertising themselves on the local network.
A High Level Overview of Acceptance Testing A straightforward slidedeck from Andy Lindeman of the RSpec core team.
1MB Sorting Explained An explanation of some clever code and a smart approach to sorting 1 million 8 digit numbers in 1 megabyte of memory.
Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.0 The popular HTML and JS framework for rapid site building.
Announcing the New Windows Phone 8 Developer Platform
LuaJIT 2.0 RC1
Druid: Real-Time Analytics Data Store Metamarkets open sources their fast, distributed, column oriented real-time data store.
Python Tools for Visual Studio
watching and listening
Git and GitHub Secrets Zach Holman, GitHub's chief of spreading the love, gives us a peek behind the Git and GitHub curtains and shares some tricks and tips applicable to both.
Pushing The Limits of Web Browsers (or Why Speed Matters) The lead developer of Google's V8 JavaScript engine talks about several virtual machines and how they influenced both V8 and Dart in the browser.
Walkthrough of Building A Sudoku Solver in APL
Computing Like the Brain Jeff Hawkins discusses 3 operating principles of the neocortex and introduces Grok, a predictive modelling system based on those principles.
Spots on Canvas: A Beginner's Introduction to JavaScript
Many talk videos shared from SymfonyLive London Symfony is a popular PHP MVC framework and SensioLabs has released many of the talks from a recent Symfony conference.
Concurrency on Android
So, You Want to be a Front-End Engineer David Mosher digs into 'the most volatile programming platform the world has ever known'.. the browser. A well produced talk that digs into how browsers and client side technologies work from network to rendering.
F# Succinctly: A Quick-Start Guide to the Functional F# Language You have to put some details in but otherwise the book is free. F# is an interesting language from Microsoft that brings functional programming to the .NET platform.
Red Dwarf: Visual Location Representation of Who Likes Certain GitHub Projects A Bash Script for Generic Automatic Builds
silly-server: One More Silly Server for Mocking HTTP Services Written in Python
C+: Higher Level Programming in C GNU99 library that takes inspiration from C++, Objective C, and Python to bring higher level programming constructs to C.
pigz: Parallelized gzip Implementation for Multi-Core Machines
lighter bites
Why is 'sizeof int' wrong while 'sizeof(int)' is right?
Why I Program In Erlang
Using a Card Problem As an Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce
Building Apps for Windows Phone 8
Simple SPDY and NPN Negotiation with HAProxy
OPTIONS is Not the (HTTP) Method You're Looking For
C++11 + Boost == Succinct Code Like Python
Customizing Sublime Text 2's Multi Pane Workflow
You should let it crash
The JVM ate my variable!
Representing and solving a maze given an image
Attack of The Week: Cross-VM Timing Attacks
"Name methods after what they are intended to do." (rather than how they do it)
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