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October 26, 2012
Mono 3.0 Released: Open Source .NET Takes a Leap Forward The open source .NET framework and tools take a major version step forward. Now includes a complete C# 5.0 compiler with asynchronous programming support, ASP.NET MVC 4 support, and a new high performance garbage collector.
On Being A Senior Engineer Etsy's SVP of Technical Operations shares a lot of insights about what it is to be a senior engineer. He also includes an interesting 'Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming.'
Git 1.8.0 Released The decentralized SCM system gets an update. Links to release notes and feature info included within.
Microsoft Releases Windows 8
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Ruby engineer needed for the UK's most popular online accounting service
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Rob Pike's Setup Rob Pike was an important figure in the development of Unix and Plan9 and is the co-creator of the Go programming language. In this interview, he shares what equipment and software he uses and what his dream setup would be.
Sorting 1 million 8 digit numbers in 1MB of RAM Impossible, or is it? The denizens of Stack Overflow step up to the challenge with some crafty solutions.
Here’s Some Working Code to Sort One Million 8-Digit Numbers in 1MB of RAM An extra update to the previous item. See the comments for an explanation of the technique.
Restoration of Defocused and Blurred Images An enjoyable walkthrough, complete with visual examples. Leans on Matlab to do the heavy lifting.
Microsoft's Koka Language: An Overview and Tutorial Koka is a function-oriented programming language from Microsoft Research that seperates pure values from side-effecting computations, where the effect of every function is automatically inferred.
CUCU: A Compiler You Can Understand (Part 1 of 3) CUCU is a toy compiler for a toy language but it forms the basis of a series of posts about compiler implementation.
other releases
KDevelop 4.4.0 Open source IDE for Unix development. 4.4.0 introduces a new 'welcome screen' to get newcomers acquainted quicker.
CoffeeScript 1.4.0 Released, No Sign of Source Maps The popular 'little language that compiles into JavaScript' gets a relatively minor update for the version number.
GitLab 3 Released: An Open Source GitHub-Clone-In-A-Box, Sorta GitLab is an open source app that provides an interface for git repository management. Version 3 includes an in-page file editor. It takes a lot of inspiration from GitHub, though that's not a bad thing.
Google App Engine 1.7.3 Released Now supports Django 1.4 and Java 7.
ADF Mobile, An HTML5 and Java Based Mobile Dev Toolset Oracle's 'Application Development Framework' is a long standing Java framework for building enterprise apps, but it has now been extended into mobile development, built upon HTML5. It's aimed at iOS and Android and is Java based.
JRuby 1.7.0: The JVM's Ruby Implementation
Redis 2.6.0 The high performance data structure server/store.
watching and listening
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Open Source Licenses
Why I Love Programming - 20 Stories From 20 Developers
lz4: An Extremely Fast Compression Algorithm LZ4 is a fast lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed at 300 MB/s per core, scalable on multi-core CPUs. Libraries available for most major languages.
New E-Book: Working with TCP Sockets Jesse Storimer (of 'Working with Unix Processes' fame) has released his latest book, Working with TCP Sockets. Learn more about socket programming from a Ruby POV.
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning A book that you can buy in hard copy but that's also available in PDF format for free.
Mathics: A free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica
lighter bites
C++11 Async Tutorial With C++11, you can write portable multithreaded code using only the language's standard library. Sol shows us the basics.
Anatomy of A Solid-State Drive (SSD) A quick look at the difference between a regular hard drive and an SSD from a computer engineer's point of view.
The Future of Markdown Jeff Atwood suggests building a spec and test suite for the popular Markdown markup language.
Visualizing Unix Processes and Their Parents
UK computer science teachers offered £20k incentive
Java still has a crucial role to play—despite security risks
Increasing wireless network speed by 1000%, by replacing packets with algebra
Building a JSON Web Service in R
Are Unit Tests Overused?
How Much Developers Make Per City, and Tech Stacks (Infographic)
The Sorry State of C++ Portability
"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it."
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