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October 11, 2012
Try Try F# F# is variant of ML created and maintained by Microsoft and the Try F# site lets you learn how to use it from your browser. A new version of Try F# is now in beta and ready to try - it's a lot better and a great way to get up to speed with a well designed, functional language.
SmoothLife: The Game of Life, Based on Real Numbers SmoothLife by Stephan Rafler is a variant of Conway's Game of Life using floating point numbers over a continuous field rather than an array of cells. Looks very pretty and opens up some unusual outcomes.
Codecademy Expands with Ruby and Python Courses
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AppNeta: Solving Web App Performance Pitfalls
A slow web app will result in unhappy customers. But how do you keep your web app running at peak performance? The answer: TraceView, the application performance management solution from AppNeta. Sign-up today for a free 14-day trial and become a Dev Ops rock star!
Ask HN: What did the really successful programmers do differently? An extensive Hacker News discussion about traits of successful, long-time programmers. Starts with Ed Weissman's interesting-but-contentious 'How to Be an Excellent Programmer for Many Years.'
The Elements of Comment Style Comments can increase the value of your code but developers rarely spend much time learning how to use them well.
Little-Known Awesome Algorithms: Fenwick Trees
The 4Cs: A Code Review Mnemonic An interesting set of questions and considerations for giving meaningful code reviews.
Automating Web Performance with mod_pagespeed mod_pagespeed is a just in time (JIT) performance compiler for the web. This free and open-source Apache module automates all of the most popular web-performance best practices by dynamically rewriting and optimizing your web site's assets.
What is Static Analysis? A look at the principles and challenges involved in analyzing and predicting programs' behavior.
Wait, (Chrome's) DevTools Can Do THAT? A slideback from a talk about what Google Chrome's developer tools can do. Lots of detail.
Do You Really Want to Be Making This Much Money When You're 50? A celebration of why programming is a great profession for the long term.
Boxing Bots: An Overview A writeup of an effort by four Microsoft guys to put together boxing robots for a SXSW Interactive launch party. Digs into the technology and code holding it together.
Rewriting in C++ for Fun, Speed and Masochism In trying to speed up some Ruby code, Peter Sobot discovers the pros and cons of various levels of abstraction when rewriting in C++.
The Next Twenty Years A look at why the closed distribution model of Windows 8 must be changed for the sake of developers, consumers, and Microsoft itself.
watching and listening
On (Physical) Developer Environments A discussion about ergonomics, chairs, standing desks, working in coffee shops, colors, multiple monitors, background noise, and more with five enthusiastic developers.
Unsucking Your Team's Development Environment A look at the ways GitHub has improved its employees' development environments.
Concurrency Is Not Parallelism
PeepCode Releases 'Meet Chef' Screencast Chef is a handy sysadmin and server configuration tool and former 37signals sysadmin Joshua Sierles goes through the basics of building Chef recipes.
useful Launches in Alpha: A Resource for Front-End Devs A community and vendor-driven effort to centralize documentation for front-end Web developers and browser junkies. Support comes from the W3C, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Microsoft and others.
Help your users record and report bugs with the Problem Steps Recorder A little known program ships with Windows 7 and 8 to help users record and report bugs. Scott says it's "like TiVo for bugs."
ngx_pagespeed: Automatic PageSpeed optimization module for Nginx
Committed: Follow GitHub Commits In Mountain Lion's Notification Center
NSQ: Realtime Distributed Message Processing At Scale
lighter bites
Poll: What features would you like to see added soonest in your favorite C++ compiler? Seems like C++11 compliance is the big one so far.
Book Review: Test Driven Development for Embedded C
Dispelling Common D Myths
BlackGirlsCODE and ThoughtWorks Go Global to Close the Digital Divide in South Africa A press release, sadly, but Kimberly Bryant is doing excellent work.
1984 SIGGRAPH Course Notes for a Bitmap Graphics Course A great blast from the past!
Using the HTML5 Fullscreen API for Phishing Attacks
The Anti-JavaScript: Perl 6
Writing Node.js Applications in C#
Building Windows 8 'Metro Style' Business Apps in VS 2012
How to get girls psyched about computer science
i8080-js: The Intel 8080 CPU Modelled in JavaScript
Building World-Ready Applications in JavaScript Becoming a Reality
Writing Idiomatic Python
Introduction to JavaScript for The Total Beginner
Big Data Is Creating Big Job Demand
Deciphering Testing Jargon
How to Win a Hackathon
The Programmer Competency Matrix
Google's Common Lisp Style Guide
Bring Home the Bacon with Hubbub Hubbub change how people shop, and support local high streets, by providing a pioneering delivery service for independent shops. We're looking for two super-smart developers to join us - and we’re offering a year's free bacon to successful applicants AND the person that refers them too!
"'Pi' seconds is a nano-century"
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