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October 4, 2012
The Logic Lab: Online Logic Gate Circuit Simulator
A handy online tool for visually simulating simple logic gate-based circuits. This makes a great companion to reading Charles Petzold's 'CODE' book.
TypeScript: Microsoft's Newest Programming Language A new statically typed superset of JavaScript for 'application-scale' JavaScript development that compiles down to regular JavaScript for cross platform deployment.
Python 3.3.0 Released Lots of tweaks and additions with a key syntax addition of 'yield from' which allows generators to delegate some of their operations to another generator.
Checking in on Python O'Reilly's Rachel Roumeliotis catches up with Guido van Rossum to talk about the state of Python in just 15 minutes.
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AppNeta: Solving Web App Performance Pitfalls
A slow web app will result in unhappy customers. But how do you keep your web app running at peak performance? The answer: TraceView, the application performance management solution from AppNeta. Sign-up today for a free 14-day trial and become a Dev Ops rock star!
Tower of Babel: A Tour of Programming Languages A quick yet interesting slide based tour of several languages from a high level, including Ruby, JavaScript, Scala, Clojure, and Go.
You've Got a Bug in Your Bug (Finder) A developer from Valve discovers a quirk in VC++ 2012's debugging tools. An interesting tale.
Comtypes: How Dropbox learned to stop worrying and love the COM An explanation of how Dropbox interacts with COM-based Windows APIs from Python in a rather elegant way using a library called comtypes.
First Impressions of Lazarus 1.0 A long-time Pascal and Delphi programmer shares his impressions (and screenshots) of Lazarus, a pretty impressive open source equivalent of Delphi.
Do You Really Want to be Doing this When You're 50? James Hague ponders the prospect of coding for the long term.
Microsoft TypeScript: the JavaScript we need, or a solution looking for a problem?
Cobra 0.9 A statically typed programming language based on .NET (or Mono) that aims to offer a quick and expressive coding environment along with built-in support for design-by-contract.
Neo4j 1.8 A high performance, open source graph database system.
Mono 2.11.4 The alternative .NET development framework.
Windows Azure VM Test Drive Kit You can now test out hosting arbitrary virtual machines on the Windows Azure service.
Programming Hive A book that digs into Apache Hive, Hadoop's data warehouse infrastructure.
watching and listening
Modern Cryptography A look at the basics of modern cryptography and where things can go 'horribly wrong'.
OpenGL's Future A look at the future for the popular OpenGL graphics API (focused on its use in Linux) from the 2012 X.Org Developer Conference.
Going Go Erik Meijer interviews one of Go's leading designers, Robert Griesemer.
Innovation: What Every Developer Absolutely Needs to Know Steve Vinoski of Basho discusses innovation and product life cycles and what one should know about them to succeed in a competitive software development landscape.
Creating Beautiful Command-Line Interfaces With Python
Online C/C++ to Assembly Tool Paste in your C code and see how each line is translated into x86 assembly by gcc. This is very cool.
c99-to-c89: Tool to Convert C99 Code to MSVC-compatible C89 Sadly, Microsoft's C compiler doesn't support the latest and greatest in the world of C, but this converter can help make things better.
Software Architecture cheat sheet An attempt at summarizing some tenets of software architecture. Short but sweet.
Exploring Data: Programming Languages Influence Network An interactive graph-based visualization of how programming languages have influenced each other.
Game Programming Patterns
Sub: A Delicious Way to Organize Programs
lighter bites
Doing a PhD: Expectations and Reality A computer science graduate shares some insights.
Why does GCC allow arguments to be passed to a function defined with no parameters?
Genetic Algorithms: An Introductory Slidedeck
Why is there so much emphasis on recursion in functional programming?
Why is such complex x86 emitted for dividing a signed integer by a power of two?
What's New In Python 3.3
Investigating Ray Tracing, The Next Big Thing in Gaming Graphics
Does Everyone Hate MongoDB?
Go by Example: Timers and Tickers
How to Create 'xkcd'-Style Roughly Drawn Graphs in Mathematica
WTFM: Write the Freaking Manual
Typesafe Brings SpringSource Co-founder Rod Johnson Aboard
"Programmers who refuse to keep exploring will stagnate, forget their joy and lose the will to program (and become managers)."
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