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September 27, 2012
Very late today but.. we made it! I'm interviewing candidates to come in and help with the newsletters full time next week so things will pick up soon ;-) Thanks for reading! - Peter.
Adobe Releases Source Code Pro: A Font for Programmers
Adobe has unveiled a new programmer-focused monospaced font which comes in 6 weights and is free to download (in both source and OpenType formats).
GitHub: Introducing the Command Bar GitHub has rolled out an interesting new way to interact with the site, a command-line style 'command bar.'
SHA-3 to Be Announced NIST is about to announce the new hash algorithm that will become SHA-3.
Sublime Productivity: A Tips and Tricks E-book for Sublime Text 2 I don't get anything from this but the author tells me the code 'COOPER' gets you 20% off for the next 12 hours or so.
The Magic Constant 0x5f3759df and Fast Inverse Square Calculations A superb introduction to and walkthrough of an old but clever trick to rapidly working out fast inverse square roots. You'll definitely learn something here.
Learnable Programming You've probably seen this blow up on Twitter, Hacker News, and Reddit already, but if not, this is an interesting treatise on what's involved in getting people to understand the art of programming and what innovations could be used to help people learn to code.
Where is the Science in Computer Science?
How can one manage thousands of IF...THEN...ELSE rules? A naive question but with some interesting answers.
Doing Redundant Work to Speed Up Distributed Queries A look at how sending multiple queries to nodes in a redundant data store system can yield better performance.
Why Bloom Filters Work The Way They Do
WebSockets 101: A Technical Introduction Armin Ronacher presents a technical introduction to HTML5's WebSockets, digging into how the protocol works, how the handshake is done, how the payloads are split up, and more.
Jeremy Ashkenas on Why Coffeescript Really Does Understand Lexical Scope Over on Reddit, someone posted 'Coffeescript devs don't understand lexical scope' and things blew up quickly. Here, Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of CoffeeScript, explains its approaches in this area.
What's Microsoft's Father of C#'s Next Trick? Speculation that Anders Hejlsberg is working on something serious JavaScript-wise at Microsoft. Given their increased interest in JavaScript recently, I wouldn't be surprised.
Will Go be the new go-to programming language?
Dart: Build HTML5 Apps Fast Google's Seth Ladd gives us an overview of Google's new Dart language and why it's particularly well suited for HTML5 development.
Practical Vim by Drew Neil
F# 3.0 Open Source Code Drop
Windows Azure Mobile Services SDK now Open Sourced
The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference (beta)
watching and listening
Readable Code - and The Long Lost Secret of How to Achieve It A snappy, high energy 9 minute talk with an original take on code readability. Interesting partly because of Uncle Bob Martin's take on it (link follows).
Uncle Bob Martin's notes on the video above
This Developer's Life: 2.0.9 Drama The latest episode of the rather awesome programmers' podcast touches on the semicolon controversies in JavaScript-land.
Schemaless SQL: The Best of Both Worlds Will Leinweber looks at recent advances in PostgreSQL and how it allows you to compromise between using a relational database and avoiding restrictive schemas.
Oh Really, Why Is That? Web Performance for The Curious! Google's Ilya Grigorik digs into the architecture of the WebKit and Chromium engines and shows how pages come together, from receiving bits on the wire to painting pixels to the screen.
Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2: A Free Video Course
Does Pair Programming Have to Suck?
Why Learn Go?
Show Me Objective-C (paid tutorial videos)
Visualizing Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know
j2objc: A Java to iOS Objective-C Translation Tool and Runtime
A Simpler Amazon S3 Pricing Tool
mypy - A New Python Variant with Dynamic and Static Typing
glacier-cli: Command-line interface to Amazon Glacier
Swagger: A simple, open standard for describing REST APIs with JSON
pgModeler - PostgreSQL Database Modeler
lighter bites
Yet another Java flaw allows 'complete' bypass of security sandbox
A DFA That Accepts All Binary Strings Divisible by 5
j2objc: A Java to iOS Objective-C Translation Tool and Runtime
Turing Complete Rule 110 Cellular Automaton Implemented in CSS3
Comparing Go and Java
Automatically Finding Patches Using Genetic Programming [pdf]
A Conjecture About Code Reviews
Introducing the New Date and Time API for JDK 8
Speeding Through Haskell: A New (Free) Haskell Book
When is code data, and when is it code?
"Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime."
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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