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September 6, 2012
The .NET Rocks Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip Two popular .NET developers are about to tour America in a giant RV giving talks about building modern Windows applications. They have about 30 destinations lined up so far covering September through November. Sounds fun!
Thinking Functionally with Haskell What can TDD learn from tests? What can types learn from TDD? Paul Callaghan takes a deep dive into the world of types by way of Haskell. A lot to take in here.
Baking Pi: Operating Systems Development for the Raspberry Pi This course takes you through the basics of operating systems development in assembly code.
from our sponsor
Bugrocket - A Simple Hosted Bug Tracker for Small Teams
Many bug trackers have so many features and cover so many use-cases that the lines between things like project management and bug tracking become blurred. We think that's a bad idea, so we created Bugrocket - a lean bug tracker that is only a bug tracker. Now, back to code!
Itsy: A Tiny Forth Implementation Very heavily commented x86 assembly code to read and follow.
An Introduction to libuv A free, online book about libuv, the high performance cross-platform evented I/O library.
An Introduction to Programming in Go A book about Google's compiled, garbage collected systems language you can read for free online or in PDF form (or buy in Kindle or paperback forms, if you prefer)
Another Go at the Next Big Language Remember Steve Yegge's famed 'Next Big Language' article of 2007? Dave Cheney picks up on developments since then and suggests Go might be the answer.
Cache Lines Are The New Registers
Processing 2.0 Beta 1 The cross-platform visual arts language and environment.
watching and listening
The NOSQL Tapes Interviews with NoSQL innovators and users made during a 77 day world tour.
lighter bites
A 'Rust' Primer Rust is an experimental language being developed at Mozilla. This is a very short and basic intro.
Why is my program slow when looping over exactly 8192 elements?
A compile-time FFT in C++11
How We Keep GitHub Fast
What I Learned From My First C Coding Challenge
A 'Why The Lucky Stiff' Documentary to Screen at RubyConf 2012
Introducing Saltarelle: An Open Source C# to JavaScript Compiler
Marshall: A Programming Language for Exact Real Arithmetic
The Jackson Cookbook: JSON Recipes in Java E-book. Available in PDF/iPad/Kindle formats.
Top 10 Algorithms [pdf] It's a little dated but some journal editors attempted to name the top 10 algorithms of the 20th century in a 2 page article.
"One person's constant is another person's variable."
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